Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Ah, Autumn!

Despite the last gasp of an Indian Summer day yesterday, fall is definitely in the air here. It's my favourite season (besides baseball season ;) ) and I'm thrilled to bits that it has finally arrived. While others may sigh sadly over the passing of warm summer days filled with shirtless young men, I say, bring on the pullovers, cardigans, and fisherman knits. I love a guy who's bundled up in a scarf and a knit cap and a big, wooly sweater. I'm a sucker for cozy.

Take this snugglable Gap ad, for example. Dorky and undeniably adorable, IMO.

And who can deny that Jamie Bell is simply puthiminyourpocketandtakehimhome cute in this photo?

So yeah I agree that hot naked boys are all sorts of yummy, but let's enjoy these bundled up honeys, too.
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