Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Free reads at Associated Content

Some of you may know I began my writing career in self-publishing; this has helped me think "outside the box" when it comes to marketing, as no one was pimping my books by myself. Now that I've worked with several different publishers, I've found that I still do most of my own promotion ... which is fine by me, as no one knows my stories as well as I do myself.

I've begun writing a series of articles which I hope will help other authors in marketing and promotion, as it seems to be an area most of us would rather ignore. Some of these tips are probably things you already know, but there may be some you haven't thought of, and a few that will hopefully work well for you. The links below open in a new window, where the articles can be read for free at Associated Content:
In addition to these articles, I've posted two gay romance stories at Associated Content, as well. If you're interested, please check them out (they're also free reads!):


Amanda Young said...

Great articles, JM. Thanks for sharing.

I love the notebook idea. I've been thinking about having notebooks imprinted, so you may have just saved me a bundle. I never thought about using stickers. :)

JMS Books LLC said...

I bought a ton of sticker really cheap from Mint Print that I use for book plates. My logo is on them, so I trim them down to fit the notebooks, which I buy in bulk from Oriental Trading. Their heart-shaped notepads are really cute!

Elle Parker said...

You have some really creative ideas - this is great info!

Thanks so much.

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