Friday, September 5, 2008

Muse Wars

Just like that proverbial bad penny I've turned up when you least expect it--you have been warned... lol

My dratted Muse has been a fickle beast of late, or rather, a more fickle beast than usual and a few recent things (comments I've read or comments directly to me) had me pondering last night on whether I should try to corral that wayward Muse and make it "Conform" more than I ever have.

I've always been one to write characters that interest me and make me want to follow them and find out "what happens next", even though the majority of the time that puts me into "narrow niche audience" territory.

Some characters or plots demand that you stick with your original vision but I've noticed that a couple WIPs could be revamped to possibly make them "more marketable".

The question is--should I put the serious thought and elbow grease into it to reach a larger audience** or "follow the artistic vision" to please myself and the fewer and faithful readers?

**I have to expand on this to clarify that I can still "get into" the revamped version and characters so it wouldn't come across "forced".

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