Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Great moments in advertising

This is tangentially related to J.M. Snyder's great post yesterday on marketing tips for authors, since it concerns advertising. I was linked to this terrific British ad today, which covers 122 years of British history in two minutes. Really clever and well done, so I thought I'd share. The background:

Long before Alien (and longer still before his still-famous “Big Brother” Apple ad), Ridley Scott made a rather modest television commercial for Britain’s Hovis bread. Filmed in 1973, the spot — which shows a Hovis delivery boy wheeling down a quaintly cobblestoned street in Dorset — may just be England’s favorite advertisement, ever. So this year, when Hovis decided to celebrate its 122nd anniversary in style, the company found itself in the difficult position of having to trump its own, legendary campaign. We say they’ve succeeded — and then some.

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