Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Back to my roots

Since the gym provided zero inspiration for blogging today, I'm instead delving into my writing roots for something to blog about. I came up with the first time I wrote anything m/m. I'm not certain, but the best I can guess it was when I was in high school—the 1980s, before I'd ever even heard of fanfiction, never mind m/m slashfic. It was a play (I preferred that format to stories from second grade through high school and into college. Hello, actor!) about a modern-day late-teen guy who gets transported to a fantasy-based world where he meets this guy who starts out as his mentor, then becomes his friend and later his lover. I have no idea what the plot was beyond that or even what the title or the characters names were. There was probably a magical element. (Well, duh. Natch, right? Mysterious transport to another world would imply something magical in nature.) And probably something about saving the world by overcoming some evil someone. (Come on. You've been 15. You know what I'm talking about. ;-P ) And I'm positive it was a romance whether I admitted it to myself or not. The thing is, I'm pretty sure I still have the script. Will I go look for it? Hell no. I think it's best left as a fond memory of where it all began. It's fun to revisit your roots, but it's not always best to go digging them up.


K.A. Mitchell said...

Maia, that's awesome. I was thinking it back then, way back then, just not creating it.I loved the delicious thrill of knowing what happened with the green riders on Anne McCaffery's Pern and the bredhyu on MZB's wonderful world of Darkover. I just hadn't made the leap to putting those characters in my stories. It was a secret love. (I penned a fantasy opus at 15, too, but not in play form.)

And thanks for giving me the idea for my blog tomorrow.

Maia Strong said...

Hi, K.A. Glad I could help with the blog. :) I'd forgotten all about the green riders until you said that. *sigh* There's a trilogy I need to get around to re-reading one of these years.

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