Friday, September 12, 2008


gymnastikos dvd
It's been nearly three weeks since the 2008 Summer games came to a close, and I've been missing all the action and excitement, not to mention all the sexy athletes. (Oh, the naughty things I pictured the men's swimming and gymnastics teams doing together.) Anyway...*cough*
I started poking around online and I found THIS: Gymnastikos: Power and Grace -- a dvd where the super-cute European gymnasts perform their routines in the nude. Wow.

Before everyone starts calling me a perv for snatching up this dvd, I have to say that it's a very artistic, tastefully made film. Plus, not all of the routines are performed in the buff. But when they are, it's amazing to see the kind of tension and flexing that's happening with a gymnast's muscles during a routine. From an artist's perspective, that was a really cool.

But I'll admit it--there's a lot of camp throughout the film and I think the director tried a little too hard to make this an artsy project. Some routines can't fully be appreciated because of the angles the chosen by the cinematographer, like the high bar routine. I swear, the camera zoomed in on this empty space about two feet above the bar, so every few seconds you'd see a pair of arms whip around the bar...and that's it. I'm sure the gymnast was performing a bunch of releases and swing moves, but I couldn't appreciate it.

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