Sunday, October 19, 2008

Ally's busy day

Sorry, y'all, but I don't have a blog for today. Well, I suppose one could argue that this is, in fact, a blog post. But, it's not a very good one. So I apologize for that.

The thing is, my daughter had to head back to college from Fall Break today. She and her best friend had a ride lined up, but it fell through at the last minute. Last minute, as in we didn't know she didn't have a ride until we showed up at said ride's house and her father told us. Oy >_< So, I drove the girl-child and her friend four hours back to school. We went to dinner, went to the store so they could stock up on the necessaries, then I drove four hours back home. Just got back like half an hour ago and my brain is mush. Thus this poor excuse for a blog post. LOL.

Maybe y'all can help me turn it into something useful. Anyone see any story ideas in this fiasco? College boy in need of an emergency ride meets.... a hot guy of some description. Whatcha think? Hm? Anyone? C'mon, y'all are smart, let's hear your ideas!


Barbara Sheridan said...

I actually typed out this whole basic scenario for ya based off of needing the ride back to school but then I went Damn, that's got serious potential and kept it to myself.

*hangs head*

JenB said...

Geeky freshman sk8r boy needs a ride home for fall/winter/spring break and the only person he can find to ride with is the asshole jock senior from his hometown that picked on him in HS.

They wreck (break down, get snowed in) along the way and have to spend the night together in a seedy motel. Things happen...blah blah blah...they fall in love over break.

Then they go back to school and have to deal with their differences...blah blah blah...happily ever after, the end.

OR...they break down along the road and get picked up by some hot leather daddies...nah, nevermind. ;)

Ally Blue said...

Barbara, LOL! Okay, I'd better see that book coming out soon *g*

JenB, OMG.
Skater boys are soooooo freakin' hot.
**gathers the plot bunnies**
Thank you dearest!

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