Thursday, April 30, 2009

Not quite writing related

For anyone in SoCal Metro Hell area..

Both my SG and I ID as BI so I want to pass this along:


PartyMay 16th, 20097-10pm

With the LA Bi Center Kickoff, we'll be jump-starting bi-related activities in the Southern California area while gauging interest in a variety of possible upcoming projects and events. Regional and National Bi leaders will be updating local Bisexual, LGBT and Straight community organizers on the new visibility, political action and cultural renewal happening in LA for the Bisexual community.

Come meet others, re-acquaint with old friends, meet new ones and participate in building bridges for future work together! Please bring Flyers and Brochures from your organizations or community effort, we'll have plenty for you as well.

Thanks for any considerations, and please visit for even more information.

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