Sunday, February 7, 2010

ADDER, now in print

Music. Sex. Fame. What’s missing? Surely not the “L” word…

Adder has a plan for his life: play his music for millions of adoring fans, who will reward him with money, fame and as much sex as he can handle. It’s a goal he’s been working toward since his teens and is on the cusp of achieving. The idea of a relationship never entered his mind—until a new drummer joins his band. One taste of Kalil, and all he wants is more.

For Kalil, playing drums for Adder is a dream come true, the creative connection he’s always wanted. What he never reckoned on is the deeper connection he finds with Adder. Kalil would rather avoid sexual involvement with a bandmate, but Adder seems just as determined to break through his resistance.

Attraction aside, music and sex are about the only things the hedonistic Adder and the increasingly jealous Kalil can agree on. Still, before they know it they’re on the brink of something deeper, something lasting.

And it scares the hell out of both of them.

(Warning: This book contains adult language, hot gay sex, weird bands, colorful prophylactics and unforgivable fashion crimes)

Get Adder in lovely, molestable PRINT right here! And read on for a loverly excerpt *G*


The gig at The Wedge surpassed Adder’s wildest dreams. Kalil’s energetic and inventive drum work added a richness which Adder hadn’t even known had been missing from their music until now. The audience screamed twice as loud as usual and refused to let them go without two encores, which just proved that Adder’s instincts were correct. Kalil was the perfect addition to their group. He was one of the best, most dedicated musicians Adder had ever known. Which was saying a great deal, considering how picky Adder was in who he considered to be a good musician.

Of course, from an audience-drawing perspective, it didn’t hurt that the man was also a walking wet dream. Olive skin, big dark eyes, black hair that fell in a halo of wild waves around an androgynous face which wouldn’t have been out of place on a Botticelli angel.

There was nothing androgynous about Kalil’s body, though. Just one glimpse of those well-toned arms and that muscular back running with sweat was enough to make Adder’s prick harden. He’d always had a weakness for a drummer’s physique. Especially drummers who put everything they had into their jobs the way Kalil did.

Perched on a barstool at The Wedge after the lingering would-be groupies had been shooed away, Adder sipped his Kir Royale and watched Kalil take down his drum kit. He disassembled each piece with the same care he’d used to put it together, every movement precise and careful. Adder couldn’t help wondering if he touched his lovers with such reverence.

Probably not. Adder chuckled under his breath, amused with himself in spite of the sexual frustration caused by Kalil’s unwavering refusal to fuck him. He had to admire a man who could make him wish to be a drum.

Harpo wandered out of the cramped hallway leading to the restrooms and plopped onto the barstool beside Adder. “This was a fucking epic show.” He leaned his elbows on the bar behind him and flashed Adder a wide grin. “Man, we totally got it right hiring Kalil, huh?”

“Oh yes.” Adder caught Kalil’s eye and flicked his tongue out at him. Kalil scowled and turned back to his precious drums. “Gods, what I wouldn’t give to get that man between my legs.”

“You’re a slut,” Harpo told him, though there was no real heat in the accusation. He scratched his bare chest. “Seriously, Adder. He’s fantastic live. The girls love him.”

It was true. Once they’d introduced their new drummer to the tight-packed crowd, every wispy little Goth girl in the place seemed to osmose to the front row to worship Kalil in their near-silent, disturbingly intense way.

Adder had been a bit disconcerted by that at first. After all, he was the name and face of this band. All that attention should be his. Then he’d remembered that no matter how much those girls lusted after him, Kalil was not ever going to sleep with them, and he’d felt better. Plus the fanboys still seemed to focus mostly on Adder, which went a long way toward soothing his bruised ego.

Maybe he and Kalil could have a threesome with one of the more attractive young men. I wouldn’t mind sharing with him, Adder thought in a burst of magnanimous impulse. Especially if he would fuck me.

The mental image of himself impaled on Kalil’s prick while sucking some faceless pretty boy’s cock was a very nice one. Adder hummed into his glass.

A hard nudge from Harpo nearly knocked Adder off his barstool. He shot a frosty glare at Harpo, who just smirked. “Adder. Would you please stop trying to get K into bed? You’re gonna drive him away.”

Adder shook his head. “No. He wants me.”

“Maybe, maybe not. But he’s not into fucking his bandmates.”

“We’ll see about that.”

Harpo let out an exasperated sigh. “C’mon, man. Don’t you get enough ass already? Why do you have to go chasing after Kalil?”

Why, indeed? Adder had no answer for that question. There was no lack of men and women willing to fuck him. Hell, there’d been at least five girls and three guys in the first row tonight who would’ve gladly shared his bed for a few hours. A couple of them had been every bit as physically attractive as Kalil. But he’d ignored their transparent offers of no-strings sex in favor of a chance to be around Kalil for a while longer, a decision which he knew damn well would result in him jerking off in the shower later. So why had he done it? He had no clue, and that irked him beyond belief.

On stage, Kalil straightened up, linked his hands above his head and stretched. Adder stared, mesmerized by the damp skin of his naked chest and the tantalizing glimpse of sharp hipbones peeking above the waistband of his well-worn jeans. Gods, the man was a human kebab of ripe, tasty maleness. Adder sipped his drink, imagining the tang of Kalil’s sweat on his tongue.

Beside him, Harpo dropped his head into his hands and groaned. “Jesus, Adder. Could you at least try not to look like you’re about to jump him any second?”

“I’m a passionate person. I can’t help that.” Adder waited until Kalil glanced his way, then licked the rim of his glass in a way that left no doubt as to what he’d rather be licking. Kalil went crimson and turned away, giving Adder a stunning view of his ass encased in body-hugging denim. “Besides, I do believe he enjoys my attentions.”

“It makes him uncomfortable, asshole.”

“Uncomfortable in an ‘I have a hard-on that needs Adder’s mouth immediately’ way, perhaps.”

Harpo sighed. “Adder, I swear to God if you fuck this up for us—”

“I will not fuck this up.” Adder tore his gaze away from the object of his thus-far unrequited lust to aim a pointed look at Harpo. “This band is always first with me. You should know that by now.”

“I know. It’s just that sometimes I think you let your need to be loved cloud your judgment.”

Adder’s mouth fell open in shock. “Do not say the ‘L’ word to me,” he sputtered when he thought he could talk again. “You know I don’t believe in that.”

“Yeah, that’s what you keep telling me.” Harpo stared at him, dark eyes searching. “Look, man, you’re my friend. I care about you, and I’d like to see you happy. Just don’t look for that inside the band, okay? It never ends well. For the band, or anyone else.”

Stunned by his friend’s unprecedented speech, Adder could only stare in frustrating, humiliating silence. He didn’t know which was worse—the fact that Harpo thought Adder was actually looking for love, or that he clearly believed Adder wasn’t capable of it. Of course he could love someone, if he chose. He just didn’t want to.

By the time he collected himself enough to come up with a scathing answer, Sheila had detached herself from Vi and was teetering across the floor toward them on her ridiculous three-inch heels. He forced his face to obey his will and gave her a beaming smile. “Sheila, my love! How did you like the show tonight?”

“It was good. Kalil rocks.” She hooked her arm around Harpo’s shoulders, leaned close and kissed him. “Can we go to my place tonight, babe? I’d like to be alone for a change.” She shot a barbed glare at Adder, who fluttered his eyelashes at her.

Harpo studied Adder’s face for several unnerving seconds, then nodded. “Okay, sure. Adder, you’ll make sure Vi gets home okay, right? She rode with me.”

“Of course I will. You kids go on, and have a good time.” Adder winked at Sheila. “I’ll miss you in Harpo’s bed tonight, Sheila darling.”

“Pig,” Sheila muttered. She grabbed Harpo’s arm so hard her hot pink nails dug into his skin. “Come on, Harmon. We’re out of here.”

Adder snickered. Harpo dealt a stinging blow to his shoulder before jumping off the barstool. “See you tomorrow, Adder.”

“Until then.” Adder waved at the retreating pair. He thought he could hear Harpo growling that he didn’t care if Harmon was his real name, he hated when Sheila called him that.

Chuckling, Adder drained the last of his drink, set the glass on the bar and hopped to his feet. He glanced around. Vi and one of the Wedge staff—Susan? Sarah? Something with an “S”—stood huddled together in the corner of the club near the front door, evidently discussing something of vital importance. Another staff member whistled an off-key tune while he mopped beer and assorted other substances off the floor. Kalil zipped his favorite drumsticks into their special pouch, set it carefully on top of the bass drum and walked offstage.

Adder followed without hesitation. He could always pretend he’d been innocently heading for the men’s to take a piss.

When he reached the dressing room, Kalil was already bent over the sofa. Adder stared in pleased surprise. Then he realized Kalil wasn’t offering him a fuck, he was searching for something in the cushions. Undeterred in spite of his disappointment, Adder wandered over and perched on the sofa’s arm. “Hi, Special K.”

Kalil shot him the fiery glare that always made his blood sing. “Will you please stop calling me that?”

“What are you looking for?” Adder inquired, ignoring Kalil’s request since he had no intention of honoring it.

“I had twenty dollars in my pocket when we got here, and now I can’t find it.” With a deep sigh, Kalil straightened up and ran both hands through his dripping hair. “Hell, maybe I just thought I had it. Maybe I left it at home.”

“That’s possible. Haven’t we all done things like that sometimes?” Adder watched a drop of sweat wind its way between Kalil’s pecs and down the middle of his abdomen. “Gods, I really want to lick you all over right now.”

Kalil scowled. “Quit it, Adder.”

Adder grinned. Kalil turned away, but not fast enough. The flush in his cheeks and the sudden swell in the front of his jeans just confirmed what Adder already knew. Kalil wanted him. Badly.

Considering that the feeling was mutual, Adder saw no reason not to act on it. They were alone for a change, and he’d behaved for so long already. He stood, grabbed Kalil’s arm, whirled him around and pulled him close with an arm around his waist.

It was intoxicating, feeling Kalil’s body pressed tight against his. Kalil’s bare chest was warm and damp, his brown eyes wide with shock and a need he couldn’t disguise. Adder leaned close and drew a deep breath. The scent of sweat and desire flooded his brain. Unable to stop himself—not that he would have tried in any case—he slid a hand into Kalil’s hair, tilted his face up and kissed him.


K.A. Mitchell said...

I hope you'll be signing this at Nashville. I picked up your stuff at National for my reading vacation last year and enjoyed having good print books to read at the beach. And then I get to show off the pretty cover!

Ally Blue said...

Thank you, hon! I've been wondering which books to pick for the signing, because that was SO much fun I definitely want to do it again. But if you are going to be there and want Adder for signage that answers half of that question for me :D

In that same vein, YAY, K.A.'s gonna be in Nashville! Squee! I barely got to say "hi" last year, we need to hang out more this time! And if you were to bring Collision Course to sign, I bet I wouldn't be the only one who was happy *g*

K.A. Mitchell said...

It will be awesome to see you again! Definitely save a copy of Adder for me. I already ordered Collision Course :D

Ally Blue said...

Woot! Yay! I'm definitely gettin' me a copy of that :D

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