Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Olympic Madness

I don't just mean the obsession of watching elite athletes compete against the best in the world. I also mean the fury I feel towards NBC and their shitty coverage of the Games. I want my CBC coverage! (Or CTV to be on my cable system. I really wouldn't care which if only I could watch LIVE coverage of events taking place a mere three hour drive from my house.)

But all rants aside, I love the Olympic Games, and I love the Winter Games even more than the summer ones. Sure, the Summer Olympics are great for ogling scantily clad athletes. But give me a guy a in a speed-skating suit and pass the whipped cream. You know what I'm saying? Or a figure skater? Fitness, artistry, and sequins? Dude. I don't even need the whipped cream. Honestly, I'm happy watching any Olympic winter sport--even the ones with all the layers and padding. It just leaves something for my imagination.

For you instant gratification folks (like me), however, here are some pics I found inspiring.

Who doesn't want to put their hands where his are right now? Am I right?

I have no idea what this costume is about, but it makes me want to write a shifter story. Ooo...feathers!

This one is for all of you who simply appreciate the beauty of the unadorned human form.

I know I'm inspired now, but to what, exactly, I know not. *happy sigh*


Tam said...

It's on CTV up here but also on SportsNet and TSN, all simultaneously. Arrgghh Last night I was trying to flick between figure skating on TSN, speed skating on CTV and snowboard cross on SportsNet. Too many sports simultaneously. LOL

I you want to see some niiiice pictures o Sven Kramer, check out a fellow Netherlander's blog. He's a cutie that's or sure.

Maia Strong said...

Tam, that sounds like heaven to me. LOL!

Thanks for that link. Some fine photos there. :D

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