Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Escapade Con!

Ack, I'm so late. Sorry y'all! Today was...well, I don't know what I was doing today. I blame Supernatural. I got my kid sisters addicted to it (and they promptly became Dean girls *wipes proud tear*)so we're watching Season 1 right now.

But anyway! Here's my news of the week - I'll be at Escapade Con in Ventura on Saturday to Sunday. The con actually starts on the 26th and not only will moi be there but so will some of my favorite people - James Buchanan, Stephanie Vaughan, Kathleen Bradean and Jet Mykles.

Y'all should come and say hi :) James has a table in the dealer room with Steph and Jet so there's some serious swag to be attained! Here's the info and if you go, see you there!

Escapade 2010: the slash slumber party!

It’s Our Twentieth Anniversary!

Escapade is the longest-running annual slash con in the US (and probably the world). Instead of letting that make us feel old, we’re using it as an excuse to PARTY. Escapade 2010 will be a celebration of our history, an opportunity to reestablish old friendships, and a time to create new ones.

Like a high school reunion, we’re planning a big blow-out party, inviting all of our old friends (and plenty of new ones). We hope you’ll be there. We’re throwing open the door to new ideas, too. What should we do to celebrate? What elements of Escapades past (strippers, plays, fan games, massage, filking) should we resurrect? What is the coolest new thing we should add this year? And, of course, there will be plenty of purposely controversial panels, lovely art, songvid shows, and the ever-popular Escapade con suite.

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