Thursday, July 22, 2010

Life, I Can Make It Complicated

Not only did James tease me with the excerpt to the sequel to Hard Fall (if you haven't read that book yet, what are you waiting for?) but James was kind enough to share the blog day since I fell asleep early yesterday and missed my post.

So I have definitely managed to get myself a complicated week or two. I am trying to finish up Not Knowing Jack, which is about Tony and Jack, two characters from Regularly Scheduled Life. Meanwhile, the National Romance Writers of America conference date snuck up on me. If you have any Orlando connections, or know someone who works at WDW or just want to stop by yourself, the book signing on July 28Wednesday evening is at the Walt Disney World Swan. The proceeds go to fund literacy projects and with 500 authors signing, there should be something for everyone. I'll be there, somewhere in the M's. It's all alphabetical.

And the day after I get back, Life Over Easy is released. Those poor boys must feel all unloved since I haven't been running around promoing them, but I love them. It was a different sort of story for me, younger guys, first book in a series (though the book is resolved, no cliffhangers), and even some paranormal elements--but no fur or fangs. The thing I loved most about writing that story was that John and Mason had a chemistry that surprised even me. They were just two guys in my head, but I let them meet and wow! In fact, their first chapter was too R rated for Samhain's website, so I have the full excerpt up on my live journal. Enjoy.

Now, I'm out of here before I take over someone else's blog.

Thanks again, James. I can't wait for Requiem in Leather.

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