Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Summer's here. No really!

I see common themes here this past week or so. Tired brains and US Independence Day. I'm sure there's an amusing connection to be made there, but (you guessed it) my brain is too wiped out to come up with it. Personally, I celebrated the 234th birthday of my country by laying around on the sofa and watching the fireworks on TV. Summer colds suck. Just sayin'.

However, despite the stuffed up head and the plethora of cold meds running through my blood, I managed to get final edits off to my editor at Torquere, and you can all look forward to the release of False Dawn later this month. I'll be having a bit of a party on my own blog leading up to the release on the 26th. So be sure to swing by that preceding weekend as there will be fabulous prizes to be won! http://maiastrong.blogspot.com/

It looks like summer has finally arrived. All true Pacific Northwesterners know that summer starts not at the solstice, but on July 5. This year, it's a day late (and following an especially cool and cloudy extended spring), but apparently it's making up for that by being sunny all week. Better soak up the Vitamin D while I can. If only I had a magic wand to make my laptop screen non-reflective, I could take it to the lake with me and I could write while watching fit, shirtless men jogging past. That'd be some nice inspiration.

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