Friday, July 9, 2010

Misc. Goodies

First Blood won't be out for another two months or so Dreamspinner got the ball rolling early with this fantastic cover art. I'm loving the look Paul Richmond came up with for these books. (you can check out the first one Clean Slate over in the sidebar)

What's fun for me is the way the names lined up beneath the characters we each created. Aleks and I do share and cross write all the characters but tend to concentrate more on certain ones.
* * * *
Noble Romance is have a special subscriber's only 15% "subscribers only"discount until the 22nd.

Subscribe to the Noble Romance Newsletter by July 22 and use code RXVJWR for 15% off your total order Sign up for the newsletter here (below new releases)

If you're feeling daring you may just want to use that 15% off to put a Copsucker in your Kindle. ^_^

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