Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Life Upheaval and Other Things That Sound Like Excuses

I really like dramatic titles, don't you?

Man, is it me, or am I never here anymore? I miss Slash and Burn, I miss you all! Amanda does such a brilliant job keeping this site all pretty and hip and I'm like that hermit that's a friend of a friend that lives in the downstairs room and only comes out at 2 am for grilled cheese sandwiches.

Or something. Ahem.

Where have I been, you may not be wondering but I'll tell you anyway. I'm currently in a Life Upheaval (and both words deserve capitals). I have quit my old job (huzzah!) and immediately fell into a new one because I don't do anything without some kind of stable next step.

Usually. I'm not a fan of spontaneity when it comes to my real life. I like to do things on impulse but I really like being stable. Perhaps a bit too much but that's a discussion meant for warm, dark nights and cigarettes. But with this new job currently comes the juggling act that I knew was coming by the end of this year whether I was ready or not.

I'm on the fast track to getting my debt finally taken care of and MOVING! Omg, say it with me now, babies, I'm MOVING OUT! ...As soon as I see how much my check will likely be and I find a place. Which is proving to be the hardest part. Because I work in the OC and if you're not a SoCal resident or if you've never watched anything based in Southern California (hey, it could happen!), the OC is Orange County which is by far one of the most expensive bloody counties in the southern region. Sigh. Oh, life.

Anyway, I don't want to bore you to tears with the details but that's where I am. Real Life has firmly and rudely taken over. I'm carving out writing time in oh-look-time-thank-you-God-increments. I can't say it always works out but I try.

But hey, this stuff was bound to happen. And despite everything, my brain is ticking away with the words. I have a WIP I have seriously high hopes for, another idea and perhaps another tickling my muse in bad places. So no lie, it may be awhile before you see me up and running again but I promise, I'm getting there :)

Ah and my time is up because I am also sniffly with a sudden head cold-that-may-be-allergies-but-I-dunno-what-I-could-possibly-be-allergic-to and it's past midnight on the west side. So, see you next time y'all! Same Bat time, same Bat station.


Angie said...

It sounds like you're making positive progress -- I remember you've wanted to move out for a very long time, so congrats on being close to achieving that. :) Being too busy to take care of everything you wanted to keep up with can be frustrating, I know, but positive steps are still positive steps, right? I hope everything works out for you. [hugs and crossed fingers]


JenB said...

Amanda keeps this place running too? Jeez, what doesn't she do?

Yay for quitting a stinky job! And yay for getting a few minutes of writing time in. That's all that counts. Baby steps, baby!

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