Tuesday, July 20, 2010

New and newer

I had to sit down at a different computer to write this blog post. It doesn't happen often, but I have a novel in my head that is writing itself. On the one hand, uber-yay! It makes it a lot easier when all I have to do is type what the main character says. I've never had one who's quite this talkative before, either, but then she is 13 and so I guess shouldn't be surprised. That said, though, it means that if I boot up my laptop, I'm there for the duration, taking her dictation and not getting anything else done. Hence the writing this post on a different computer. I know, I know: Shut your whinging, Maia. You could have way worse problems than that. ;-P

In other news, my novella, False Dawn, releases on MONDAY 26 JULY! Whee! I will be partying over the weekend, starting Friday because all weekends should start on Friday, right? Too right! Of course, being on the other computer means I don't have my pretty pretty cover to upload for you, but you remember it, yes? Sun flare over a planet; lots of stars; and a hunky guy. Sure. You remember. Pop over to my blog, Just add coffee, Friday through Monday and comment to win a prize! There will be an excerpt (maybe two, we'll see) and a release day bonus scene and I don't know what else because I tend to host by the seat of my pants, rather like how I write. I hope to see you there!

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