Friday, October 22, 2010

Visual Inspiration

Over the years, I've amassed boxes and boxes worth of books. With space being an issue, I've had to reduce the number of leisure paperbacks I keep around, but there's no way I'll ever part with my collection of art books! From catalogs on more contemporary artists like Paul Cadmus to books on movie art (The Art of the Lord of the Rings, woo!), my bookshelves hold an assortment of creatively inspiring material that helps me if my imagination needs a little wake-up call.

One of the latest additions to my collection is, Male Nude. The paperback is small, but it's full of beautiful, full-color reproductions of artwork featuring the male physique. It's a lovely survey of subject matter that doesn't come up in contemporary art too often, and it includes work by Jacques-Louis David, Michelangelo (of course!), classic sculpture, and more. I definitely hope you check it out!


K. Z. Snow said...

This sounds lovely, Anne. Now let me make an awkward segue and thank you for your beautiful work on my next Dreamspinner cover. Lordie, it's just stunning!

Anne Cain said...

Oh, I'm so happy you like your cover, KZ! I just got the assignment for your next DSP release, and I'm super excited to get started on it. Wheee! <3

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