Sunday, December 5, 2010

Hey hey, it seems that missing a blog day here and there is catching. Tis the season for busy authors, I suppose. Sorry I wasn't here a couple of weeks ago!

There's been a recent resurgence in the Queer as Folk fandom over on Livejournal. QaF(US) is ten years old this month! Man, I sure wrote a lot of fanfiction in those days. There's a meme going around over there that I decided to participate in. Well, mostly participate, since pretending I'll be able to complete a 30-day meme is ridiculous. In any case, I answered the first question today.

QaF 30 Day Meme

Day 1 - How did you come to Queer as Folk and the fandom?

Apetslife kept telling me she thought I'd love Queer as Folk. I was writing a little slash for the BtVS/Angel fandom at the time and she kept IMg me. "Did you watch it yet? Rent it. Have you rented it? I think you should watch it. Go and rent it." So, since Pet is very persistent and also ruthless with IM bombardment, I picked up the first season. As soon as I saw this:


I watched, I cried, I cheered, I loved. Then I read some fanfic - maybe DeAnna Zankich's? - and I thought, "I can write that."

So I did. (Urk, please excuse all awkward POV changes and OOC moments. I got better.)

Any other Queer as Folk fans out there?


Jambrea said...

I LOVE QaF! I bought the whole series on DVD! And got my Mother in Law to watch it and wrote a different ending for in on my blog. lol

They need to make a movie! I don't care if it is straight to DVD. lol

Tory Temple said...

OH Jambrea, I'm totally with you on that. Someone made a comment on my LJ that they dreamed they were adding a webseries season to QaF. THAT would have been great!

Anonymous said...

Oooh, Tory, you've set me up for another QaF-athon! (pausing to dig out the dvd's) As for your "urk", don't make me smack you! You did brilliantly with Brian's voice.

Jambrea, I'm gonna have to hunt down your alternative ending - I was soooo not satisfied with how things ended...

Thanks for sharing, Tory. Man, I get the best stuff from you! (I do believe you're the one who recommended Chris Owen, too, right?)


Tory Temple said...

Hi, VJ! So glad I could contribute to the resurrection of your QaF love. :) I'm going to go ahead and say yes to the Chris Owen question, since I usually try and rec her whenever I can.

Have a fun Sunday with your DVDs!

Anonymous said...

I'm a slacker and missed some episodes here and there, but loved QaF. :) I even have a DVD somewhere of some of the Britsh eppies, but I like the US one much better. I even dabbled in some fanfic, once upon a day (though most of mine was Roswell, I did a crossover. It's somewhere on a disc in a box)

Tory Temple said...

LOL, Marty. I can find QaF lovers pretty much everywhere! Miss that show.

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