Friday, December 31, 2010

The Wild Ride

I missed my post two weeks ago (sorry for that, real life was extremely busy and I only remembered it the next day), but I can’t possibly miss this one. Last post of the year 2010.

And what a year it’s been. Lots of my writer friends had terrible years. People laid off, illnesses, houses got flooded, and the wretched economy in the US, UK and most of Europe doesn’t make things any easier.

Against that, though, many bright spots for readers and writers: ebook sales are up. We learned the shocking/exciting number that Amazon sold more ebooks than hardcovers (granted, who buys hardcovers anyway?). The Kindle 3 launched and shifted a huge amount of units all year, and most at Christmas. Every day, hundreds and thousands of readers join the e-reading part of the population.

And there’s more fun on the horizon.There’s the iPad (I’m foregoing one until it becomes a writing machine – proper software to do some heavy lifting in terms of getting words out), but that’s only one of many tablets. Five years from now, we’ll have a lot more interesting shiny gadgets on which to read and write. Part of why I want to grow really, really old? I want to see what technology comes out and goes mainstream. I’m a gadget hound. I love technology.

Going over my own last year’s resolutions, I got 80% of the important stuff (I didn’t go to the gym as much as I’d planned, though). I finally bought my house. I moved in and got all the bits and pieces into place. I left a job that bored me to tears and got a great job that paid a little more and taught me a huge amount of valuable skills. As the year turns, I’m leaving that job and go work for an investment bank for a lot more moolah.

Creatively speaking, 2010 was awesome. Last year at this time, I had one story out, “Deliverance” in “Forbidden Love”. Now it’s twelve. Yes. Eleven more. I had almost one release per month (I slacked off in December, I admit). Five of those are novellas, four are short stories, two are full-sized novels. Two more novels slated for 2011 (“Scorpion” with Dreamspinner Press and “Father of all Things” with Carina Press).

In 2010, I was dragged, almost kicking and screaming, onto Facebook. I blogged. I got this guest blogging gig here, and I just started another guest blogging gig at Savvy Authors.

More importantly, I met people. Loads and loads of people. Now, I can get people fatigue. I am, believe it or not, an introvert. I’m probably the most extroverted introvert you’ll ever meet, but it was great to meet so many readers (Amora and Marcie and Tina and Britta and Karen and Arzu and Kate and all the others over at Goodreads), new authors (life’s good when there’s talent out there like Rachel Haimowitz, A M Tuomala and Rhianon Etzweiler), and I’ve been reading and reviewing and generally found my rhythm. I write more and better than ever before in my life – unless I’m blocked 6-7 weeks, which happens, but it’s no big drama.

I’ve gathered the strength to look at all my failed novels (aka, I now have the courage to open that big drawer with all the HORROR inside). The financial thriller trainwreck. The menage that isn’t quite an espionage story. I feel I can tackle all that now and fix it.

As the year turns, I’m nervous about starting work at the bank (writer meets financial industry. I think it might be hilarious - or painful).

I’m working on the edits of “Break and Enter”, which I co-wrote in a couple days (find an excerpt here).

I’m working on two novels at the same time. Still the WWII novel and the sequel to “Scorpion”. I’m heading off in a few minutes to have breakfast with my partner at a very nice, non-chain cafe that recently opened in my city.

When my partner asked what I wanted to do for New Year, I said I am completely happy to write all day, then pause at midnight, get a vodka orange, stand at the window that looks out over the park (or street), watch the fireworks, toast to the new year, and then sit back down to write.

As to 2011, I just expect more of the same, only better.

Happy New Year!


kawol said...

I am following your career since I`ve read your first story in Forbidden Love and all you`ve published this year and can`t wait to get more (Haven`t read the Soldiers Book yet..)
Since I like your writing style, Ive follwed your recommendations for other authors, too and wasn`t disappointed at all. So: I didn`t find anything by Rhianon Etzweiler. Can you tell me where to find her books ? And will you announce it on your blog if you really write this book about German History ? Will you sell it in english and german ?
Enough questions
hope you have an equally succesfull and creative 2011, wish you and your partner all the best

Aleksandr Voinov said...

Hi Karin,

thank you! I'm glad that my recommendations work for you, I'm always happy to spread the news about great authors that I enjoyed.

Rhianon is a special case because she does'nt have anything out (yet). She's working on an excellent novel called "Black", and we co-wrote a novel called "Father of All Things", which should be out in Fall/Autumn 2011. (It's actually right now my turn with the edits). But she's one to watch.

The German book - yes, I'll do my best to make it available in English, but much depends on contract terms we'll get for it. I do think the book would be interesting for the UK/Us market as well, so I might quite possibly translate it myself.

Thank you and have a happy & successful 2011!

Amara Devonte said...

What a year you've had. I can't believe you only had Deliverance out this time last year. For some reason my brain can't wrap around that. Can't wait to see what you crank out 2011. This girl will be watching and waiting most anxiously.

Happy New Year to you. :)

Aleksandr Voinov said...

Amara - well, the two novels are set, and there's a novella, too. I hope to add 2-3 more to that in due course. :)

Apparently it's the year of the Metal Tiger, which makes stuff "interesting". It's been definitely that.

Have a great New Year!

kawol said...

ich würde das Buch auch in deutsch u./o. englisch lesen...

Anonymous said...

My introduction to your work was the Special Forces stories - which I read over about ten days of summer break. Yep. All Aleksandr, all the time. It's safe to say your style definitely helped me to refine my own, both writing with my partner and writing on my own (the m/m stuff tends to be on my own). And I've MOST eagerly stalked, er, watched for each new release.

I'm hoping for more of William of Raven - is that on the horizon?

Happy New Year!


Aleksandr Voinov said...

@Kawol - good to know. Ich halte dich auf dem Laufenden. :)

@VJ - thanks for this. It's great to think I'm inspiring other writers in turn.

About William Raven/The Lion of Kent, yes, I'm pulling together my courage to write part 2, where he meets Guy (of "Deliverance"). I have an outline, but I wanted to finish the WWII novel first. Which, I hope, will happen in the next three months.

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