Thursday, December 9, 2010

Tenth Book Party

Yay! My tenth book is out. And here it is, all shiny! Not Knowing Jack

I'd tell you about it, but the blurb and the excerpt are better at that than I am in a rambling blog post. It's an angst-fest with hot sex and an HEA, what more could you ask for.

So, I suck at this celebration thing. I couldn't even get this blog up in time because my netbook is having a nervous breakdown and trying to get me to have one in sympathy. I thought of doing some kind of cool contest, but I suck at those because I have no organizational skills. Over at jessewave's blog on Friday, she plans to have a review and I'll be giving away a copy of Not Knowing Jack but that's because she'll be organizing it, thank heavens.

The only thing I can do that I know some of you like is to write stories. So to thank you all for making it possible for me to say things like, "Yay, look at my tenth book release" I've put up another chapter of my WIP which is under contract and a smidge away from turned in. Chapter 2 of Bad Company

And now, I'm going to go finish number eleven.


Tam said...

Congratulations on hitting #10. Maybe if you start planning now for your "silver" anniversary at 25 you can have a real on-line bash. :-)

Looking forward to the new book. How many tissues will I need? :-P

K.A. Mitchell said...

Thanks, Tam. Maybe by 25 I can hire an organized person to do it for me. Well, I cried at least three tomes while writing it, and through the last few pages before the last chapter. I don't know if it will have the same effect on you.

Anonymous said...

Read it, loved it, wish it had been longer. Or that June was closer. Darn it all, K.A., write faster!! lol

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