Sunday, October 21, 2007

Hot gay subject of the week


Still with me? Okay.

For those who haven't heard yet, J.K. Rowling has announced that Dumbledore is, in fact, gay.
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I don't know about y'all, but I wondered about this possibility when I was reading The Deathly Hallows. I remember thinking, okay, either ol' Albus is ming-bogglingly stupid (which seemed unlikely), or he is TOTALLY stuck on Grindelwald.

All right, so my hopes of Harry and Draco ever having had a mad schoolboy fling are totally dashed, as I'm sure Jo wouldn't put more than one not-totally-straight character in her books. Nevertheless, I find this a fascinating development. What do y'all think? You reckon she had this in mind all along, or did it come to her later, as any author knows can happen with even the most well-known of their characters? Do you think Dumbledore's doomed love for his rival is what ultimately drove him to defeat Grindelwald? Do you think it had any bearing on any of his subsequent actions? Or do you think it's an interesting and tragic but ultimately irrelevant-to-the-story detail of his life?

Come on, let's have a Potterverse Dork discussion here :-B


Anonymous said...

I think Dumbledore's love of Grindelwald is why he waited so long to confront and stop him. For over four years, much longer if you consider that Dumbledore knew what Grindelwald had planned, Dumbledore heard of the destruction Grin was causing and did nothing.

And I agree, I also had a moment of 'what the heck is up with Dumbledore and Grin' during Deathly Hallows.

Barbara Sheridan said...

*nods* As soon as I read the last book I had those "more than friends" feelings about those two but then I figured it might just be the tendency to slash the unlikeliest of pairs ^__^.

I also now have to wonder if Dumbledore's supporting Snape for so long had anything to do with the two of them....

Ally Blue said...

Maybe D just had a soft spot for anyone who's doomed to love someone he can't have.

I TOTALLY called that, BTW *g* Snape, I mean. I KNEW he was a good guy and would die a hero!

Anonymous, whoever you are, you're exactly right! That's the same thing that made me go hmmmm...
I mean I have my own thoughts about Dumbledore's level of manipulation and secrecy, but I never EVER thought he was being stupid or blind to what was happening until then. Being in love is the main thing that'll make you not see a person's badness.

Anonymous said...

I have pretty much not kept of w/the world of Potter since September. (Back to school, can't wait to graduate in the spring!) I had not heard about Dumbledore's orientation. WOW! No wonder he was such a "Succer" for Grindewald.

It does make sense. I always wondered if Dumbledore was such a fan of love, why he never had anyone special. Then I thought maybe he punished himself for past mistakes by refusing to allow himself that kind of luxury. Now I see that it was even sadder. So many people in the World of Potter ended up with out an HEA. Too bad we haven't heard of a few guys "g" who had an eventual HEA.

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