Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Writing While Under the Influence

The last month has sucked. And not in a good way :) Aside from my entire family having the stomach flu and then my mother's heart attack, and then three of my kids having croup and/or asthma trouble, I had...a toothache. Fabulous. So I go to the dentist after I don't know how many years (save yourself the trouble and go twice a year, huh?) and besides a couple of small cavities, they just need a good cleaning. A really good cleaning. As in, let's do one half at a time. So I get the one side done--the side that was bothering me. No sweat. Except two weeks later I'm in tears because the damn tooth hurts so BAD. I go back. They don't see anything wrong so maybe I should see an endodontist. I get sent home with penicillin and a heavy duty pain pill. :) :) :) I even welcomed the shot because it deadened the nerve affecting the entire right side of my face. But alas, not even the heavy duty pain killer is enough to totally kill the pain. It does however, make for some very comical writing on my part! I'm not sure what'll come out about my female werewolf and her human mate or where they've ended up having sex. I haven't the foggiest notion exactly what I've been writing for the last two days, LOL. It'll be interesting to see where my h/h go. To bed for sure since that's where I've spent most of the last two days. Tomorrow is the root canal. They tell me it'll be like getting a splinter out. As soon as it's done, the tooth will be tender for a few days then good as new. Yeah. Right. That's what you told me the cleaning would do. So what's next? Complete tooth extraction? Or maybe you should just remove finger. Without anesthesia. Then maybe I'll be more concerned about the pain in my hand and won't notice the pain in my face.

Happy hump day,

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Anonymous said...

Hope you are feeling well AnnMarie :) I think I'm finally over this stupid strep throat I've had all last week. I can only imagine what I've written during that time lol

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