Friday, October 19, 2007

Random Rambling

It is mid October in PA and today is such a humid warm day that I'm tempted to throw on the AC. By this time next week I'll probably be wearing two layers of clothing and cursing the cold. Gotta love the weather in the northeastern US.

Or not. -_-

Our good friend Silapa Jarun
got a most awesome review from the nefarious Mrs. Giggles. ...I just wish the story has been longer because I really find Ono Suzue a most magnetic bad boy to remember...

If you like solid history in your historicals and your bad boys
really bad then by all means fork over the mere buck and a quarter and give the first installment of Ono Suzue: A Man of Talent in the Meiji Era a try.

My Muse has deserted me
when I need it most *whiiiiine* I'm about 4,000 words away from the end of a very very cool smexy historical and Anne and I have to get the final few chapters of our Soul of the Night sequel in. And there are a couple other WIPs begging to be written but as I said my Muse has buggered off probably because I'm too broke to buy tasty snacks to keep him happy...*ugh*

And while I'm waiting for some gentle reader to Fed Ex me some nice Cheddar to go with my whine I may as well lament the fact that it looks like I won't be able to attend the 2008 RT convention even though it's literally 15 min away from my house. I wonder if I could get away with hanging out in the lobby with a name tag that says I'm a pathetic local author be my friend :P

And people think writers lead such glamorous lives. *insert hysterical laughter here*

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Anonymous said...

Hope your muse starts playing nice again. I know mine is crapping out on me with the edits of my Dec's release pressing on me. And I'm only a few chapters from the end *pout* But I'm sure it will all work out :D

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