Thursday, October 4, 2007

The West Hollywood Book Fair

This past Sunday I worked a both at the West Hollywood Bookfair. Left the house at around 7:30 to be in WeHo by 8ish. Of course the transition from the 110 to the 101 was closed (*&^%^%&^(*&() so I had to detour through downtown. That was, however, the only black spot on an otherwise great day. Got to see Eden Bradly, Will Belagon and Stephanie Vaughn there. Although Will and I’ve talked many a time and known each other on-line for a good three years, we’d never managed to connect before. Was introduced to some new faces I’ve “met” on-line: Jax Reily, Lillian Fiesty, half of Jade Falconer.

The booth I worked sat right next to a Different Light Bookstore, so I got to watch eye-candy throughout the day. A parade of gorgeous men past my booth. Yum. Particularly, one fine Latino gym rat. He had one of those bodies that said, I work at a book store so I can pay my membership at the gym and work out the rest of the day. Tight pants, shirt that hung open most of the day. Dear God, he had divots going down into his jeans. Not body-builder muscular, just really, really tight and toned. Thick black hair cropped neck length. A pencil thin mustache and hard dark eyes.

You bet your sweet bippy he's going in a story some day.

My friend Mike Schinifelt (journalist for Men/Freshmen/Unzipped) came by and hung out for a bit. He invited me to go with him to the season opening party/premier for Dante’s Cove (the GLBT version of Dante’s Peak). Jay Lygon's friend Tom dropped by on and off, often to steal a smoke buddy. He had two protégés with him. Very nice, very young men. Steve Pride, who does a weekly syndicated radio show called THIS WAY OUT and one for LA based station KPFK 90,7 FM called IMRU, stopped by. Later he suggested I come on the show. Hell Yeah!

More eye candy paraded by. The West Hollywood cheerleaders, buffed bodies in little cheerleader dresses. Those boiz were smoking. Another set running around in nothing pink hotpants and little pill box hats passing out popcorn. Had to drop by and visit Will, Eden and crew... they were right next to the Stockroom and across from Thom of Finland foundation. The guy there. Different type but so nice. Older, hard, lean body. Shitless, denim shorts and combat boots. Peircings in his ear.

By the end of the day I was beat. Tom and his boys showed up again. Got to talking to one young man. In college, very cute, was talking about going up to the Folsom Leather fest one day in Chaps and such. Jay and I teased him that he’d end up on a leash with bit in his mouth being led around by some big, burly bear. Then he asked about the rope bondage thing and I think I scared him a little. I get kinda passionate about the whole tying people up thing. And leg spreaders in my luggage and shit like that. It was so cute to see him giggle and his dark eyes grow so big.

Eye Candy, gotta love Metro Hell for it.


Anonymous said...

I ducked into folsom street fair with a friend in NY, collars and leashes

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had a great time James :) I would have love to have seen all that buffness ;)

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