Wednesday, October 31, 2007

It's Halloween!

And for me, that means dressing up like a pirate. Or maybe just dressing up my characters as pirates... Here's an excerpt from one of my stories in Secret Thoughts 2, edited by Sasha White and coming December 4 from Samhain.

Man Ho
By Laura Bacchi

I looked up from my laptop and tried to digest what Devon had just asked.

“You want me to do what?”

“Be a pirate,” he said. “All work and no play makes Josh a dull boy.”

“A pirate?”


“This weekend?”

Devon laughed and leaned in close. He was still wet from his shower. I put a finger on his beautiful bronze chest to catch a drip and rub it over his skin. I could use a break—writing this goddamn dissertation was killing me—so I trailed my finger lower and hooked it into the towel barely covering his crotch.

“No.” He caught my hand and grinned. “I want you to be a pirate every weekend, Josh. But you already know that.”

“You didn’t mention your pirate fetish when you placed that ad.” I turned back to my work and made a mental note to surf the net for pirate gear tonight. An eye patch and a goofy hat or two might keep him quiet for a while…

He kissed my neck. “I didn’t think an ad would turn into something permanent.”

Neither had I, but I was glad it had. I stopped typing and leaned my head back to stare into his sexy gray eyes. The track lighting above shone down on his clean-shaven head. He had the look—thick chest, goatee, a couple of tats in all the right places. Yeah, he’d make a great pirate. And I’d indulge this little fantasy of his just to keep him happy.

“All right, matey,” I said. “Wanna go shopping this weekend?”

“No. We’re going to a pirate festival this weekend. I already bought your clothes.”

“A festival?” I closed my eyes so he wouldn’t see me roll them. “You mean I have to wear a costume in front of actual people?”

“They’ll be dressed up too.” He was on his knees now.

I found that position very hard to resist. So I turned to him. Unzipped my fly and gave my cock a few quick jerks.

“How bad do you want this, Devon?”

“I always want this.” He was staring at my erection.

“I meant the whole pirate thing.”

“Bad, Josh. I want you dressed in silks…” He gave my head a lick and pleasure rolled through me. “…And tight breeches and boots.”

“Then show me.”

He sucked me in to the balls and did just that. And he did it so well I was practically begging for silly ruffled shirts and a parrot on my shoulder before he was through.

* * * *

On Saturday morning, I stood cringing at my reflection in the mirror. “I don’t look like a pirate,” I said.

Devon did, though. And a damned fine pirate at that. He came up behind me and reached down to cup my dormant cock through the tightly laced spandex. Hot blood rushed through my veins and soon a hard-on filled his hand. He lifted my frilly shirt and traced my shaft through the shiny pants.

“Now you look like a pirate.” He nipped my neck. “Pirates should always look horny.”

“I have an idea.”

He locked eyes with me in the mirror and cocked an eyebrow.

“Let’s stay in,” I said. “We can play pirate here. You can unsheathe my sword and swallow it and then I can—”

“Nope.” His hand left my groin and grabbed my arm. “We’re going before you chicken out.”

He clapped a wig onto my short hair and took off my glasses.

“Good,” I said. “Now I can’t see everyone laughing at me.”

Devon kissed me quiet and off we went to the crowded park where apparently every soul still living out his (and her) childhood fantasy gathered to talk like a pirate, dress like one, and drink lots of beer. I liked the beer part. Devon preferred to shop and play games. And watch me. Even without my glasses I knew he was playing out scenarios in his head. It was only a matter of time before he pirated me away—pun intended—and ravished me in a hidden cove, or something along those lines. My shaft grew hard for a second time that day, and I took to caressing his ass when no one was looking.

“Watch out, Josh. Some kid might see us and—”

“No one’s watching. Stop being so paranoid.”

Devon lowered his voice. “He’s watching.”

I looked around and spotted a man staring at us. But before I could mouth the words “Fuck off,” the watcher grinned.

“Maybe he just wants to plunder your booty,” I joked.

“Maybe I’d let him.”

My hand gripped Devon’s ass so hard he jumped. My heart pounded in double-time. About a month ago, I’d talked about me watching him get fucked by someone else, but he never warmed up to the idea. So I’d backed off. Maybe today—or maybe because I’d indulged his fantasy—he’d consider giving mine a try...

* * *

Trust me, Josh is gonna love the whole pirate thing by the end of the story ;)

I'll be blogging every other Wednesday here at Slash & Burn, so be on the look-out for more tasty nibbles or other ramblings. If you like pirate tales, check out my Free Reads page for a short story called Captain Jack Goes Straight (Well, Sort Of...). Have a Happy Halloween!


Julie said...

OMG Laura! That's Hot!

Sabrina Luna said...

Yo ho ho! Thx so much! :)

S )O(

Laura Bacchi said...

I'm glad you both enjoyed it. Lots of fun to write :D

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