Sunday, April 12, 2009

Behold the fuzzy cuteness!

New release time!

Over a year ago, I wrote a story called Keeping Karma for Torquere Press' Turn of the Screw serial subscription line. It finished its chapter by chapter run in February, so now it's available for sale as a complete download. And in print, too!

Look how cute:

Thank you to the ever-talented Alessia Brio for always being awesome with my covers.

I'm excited about this one because of the animal factor. If you've ever looked at your dog/cat/bird/bunny/snake/tortoise and wondered what they were thinking, if anything, then check this book out. Here's the official blurb off the site:

Alexander Myers and his twin sister Tabitha were born with the incredible ability to "hear" the thoughts of animals. Alex has managed to keep this a secret and has actually used it to his advantage for his job, working in an emergency animal care clinic and volunteering at the animal shelter while he studies to become a veterinarian.

One night while Alex is working the front desk, Dylan Travers, a local animal control officer, comes in with an injured fawn. When Alex and Dylan become involved, it gets harder and harder for Alex to keep his secret. On top of that, Alex has a little menagerie of his own in his apartment, including a ferret called Karma, who he's not supposed to have as a pet. As the two men become closer, Alex worries about how Dylan will react if Alex tells him about his pets and then his special ability.

Add to that debilitating migraines from especially 'loud' animals, and a dangerous co-worker who Alex butts heads with, and life is suddenly far more exciting than Alex would like. Will he be able to keep his job, his pets, his lover and his sanity?


Aaaaaaand because I'm nice, here's the beginning of porn. :D

The kiss wasn’t shy or tentative and Alex was glad. He hated it when a guy was too delicate about kissing or even when they didn’t want to do it at all. Alex loved tasting men’s mouths and it made him hard when the other guy was into it, too. Kissing gave a really good clue to how a guy did other stuff in bed.

Dylan had immediately wrapped a leg around Alex’s hip and Alex was pleased to feel a nice, thick cock pressing into the juncture between his thigh and groin. He slid forward slightly, dragging his own cock over the spot, and received a small intake of breath from Dylan as reward.

“So what’d you have in mind?” Alex asked. “I don’t fuck on the first date.” That was a lie; he’d totally fucked and been fucked on lots of first dates, but Alex wasn’t quite sure why he didn’t want to go there with Dylan right now. Maybe because he actually liked the guy.

“What you’re doing feels good.” Dylan rocked his hips up to prove his point. His eyes had changed from bright green to a rather smokier shade of jade that Alex found fascinating.

“There’s stuff that feels better.” Alex wedged a hand in between them and found the button fly of Dylan’s jeans. They were old jeans, thank God, because one flick had the fly completely open and then Dylan’s prick was in Alex’s hand, all smooth and hot and just a little wet at the tip.

Dylan gasped and arched up again. “You’re right,” he panted, eyes fluttering closed. “That feels a hell of a lot better.”

Alex made a noise of agreement. “No underwear. You come prepared.”


Much thanks to Mychael Black for the favorable review. Keeping Karma is available for electronic download HERE and in print HERE.

Go check this one out, for real. It's different and fun and if I had a superpower, listening to animals would be it. :)


Amanda Young said...

Aw...cute cover, Tory. Sounds like a great story. :D

Tory Temple said...

Thanks, Amanda! I'm a sucker for cute, and the purple cover did me in.

Anonymous said...

I just bought it yesterday and I'm halfway done. I like it so far...

Tory Temple said...

Glad to hear it, Suzi. Hope you enjoy the rest of it. :)

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