Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Round Robin XV

Part XIV
Previously: And maybe he could use the guy's shower before he finally stopped playing the goody-two-shoes Samaritan and kicked Matthew out. "You liked your payment before. I could make your offer worth your while." He took a step forward… and promptly tripped over the cat.

Matthew landed hard against Cole. Against his warm, solid, strong body. Cole caught him, hands just at the bottom of Matthew’s ribs. Cole, who’d done nothing but try to help him—even at the risk of his own safety. If Matthew didn’t know a hell of a lot better, he’d almost believe in the fairy tale of decent human behavior again. Decent guy or not, Matthew wanted him. Not just as a way of paying for a bed and shower, but wanted him. Cole. An unexpected need Matthew wasn’t going to think too much about.

Cole’s warm brown eyes were wide with surprise at what must have seemed like Matthew flinging himself at the other man. Matthew grabbed Cole’s head and pulled him into a kiss, tongue sliding along Cole’s soft bottom lip. And just then Matthew remembered the way Cole had resisted his other attempt at a kiss. Releasing Cole’s head, Matthew tried to step away, but Cole still held him.

“Sorry.” Some guys just didn’t kiss. “It was an accident.”

“Don’t tell me,” Cole said, wide lips twitching in a smile. “You tripped and fell on my lips.”

Matthew was good at this. He could turn it around, make sure that Cole never knew it was anything more than gratitude, never saw how much Matthew wanted it. “I’ve got a better—”

Cole cut him off with a kiss. A slow, long kiss. The kind where you knew you were the total focus of the mouth on yours, even if the owner of the mouth showed no signs of giving into the heat that was flooding from your chest to your dick. Just a deep steady thrust of tongue until all Matthew could think about was how that focus was going to show when it was Cole’s cock thrusting into his ass, that deliberate stroke driving him out of his mind.

By the time Cole’s tongue had moved to lick under Matthew’s jaw, Matthew was already reaching into his pocket for the condom and lube he always carried. When Cole’s hand moved to the button of Matthew’s jeans, he slapped them both into Cole’s hand.

Cole lifted his head and looked down at his palm. Matthew’s neck was cold from where Cole had been licking.

“You think this is what I want from you?” Cole asked.

Matthew rubbed Cole’s dick through his jeans, measuring the thick shaft with cupped fingers. And it was thick. That heavy cock had stretched the hell out of Matthew’s jaw, and he wasn’t exactly out of practice.
“Fuck yeah, you want it.”


Matthew shut the door. No way was he getting distracted from getting fucked by that dick because of another surprise appearance of glowing cat eyes. He dropped his jeans and briefs to the floor and turned around, bracing himself against a shelf in the storage room. “Trust me. You’re going to love it.”

He waited, ass tipped up invitingly. He wanted this fuck, but there was still a part of him stupidly wishing Cole would prove him wrong. That at least Cole would take Matthew home and—well, not make love because that was too delusional—but at least take him home and fuck him as sweet and thoroughly as Cole had kissed him.

But Matthew was never wrong.

Cole ran one hand over the curve of Matthew’s ass, then trailed a finger along his crack. Matthew arched into the touch even as his gut tightened. Cole’s finger returned, slick and cool, circling and rubbing. No burn, just a sweet stretch and that so-good sense of being filled. Cole fucked him with that one finger, and just when Matthew would have begged, Cole slipped another one inside, the motion so smooth Matthew’s muscle gave in with just a quick flare of pleasure-pain.

Cole might be a nerd, a nerd with a cat and a tidy little art supply store and a Good-Samaritan complex, but he was a nerd who knew his way around. His fingers zeroed in and rubbed across Matthew’s prostate, prodding and pushing until he felt the pressure build straight through his dick.

The only other contact Cole had with Matthew was a hand on his shoulder to keep him steady against the steady fuck and rub of his fingers, and Matthew tried to remind himself that he wasn’t looking for anything else. Didn’t care if Cole wrapped him in strong arms and held him when their bodies moved together. Cole knew what he was doing and they were both going to get a good time out of it. That was all Matthew wanted.

“Is this what you want from me, Matthew?”

The knot in Matthew’s gut twisted tighter. He’d never felt more shame. Not even when his dad kicked him out and he had to start hustling to live. Not the first time he hit his knees in some filthy alley. Not even when they called him a good little whore.

He swallowed the shame and spit out a lie. “Yes.”


sylvan said...

Alright! It's gettin' good baby! I love the way you ramped it up there with Mathew.

K.A. Mitchell said...

Thanks, sylvan. I was trying to leave a hook for the next taker. :D Maia left a great one for me.

Maia Strong said...

Glad you liked it, K.A.! I certainly enjoyed the path you took from it. :D

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