Monday, April 27, 2009

Home Sweet Home

I attended the RT Convention in Orlando, FL this past week and had a really great time. However, it's even better to be home. :) (though slightly behind on everything).
This was my first year at RT and was a bit overwhelmed at first. So many things to do, so many people to meet - put faces to names finally - and such hot eye-candy to see. *drool* Tory is right...the men loved having their pictures taken and to flirt. *Sigh* Not to mention the bags of books and promo goodies I brought home. Still gotta sort through all of that and can't wait to get to the reading of the books.
And yes, I had the pleasure of meeting and contributing to some of Tory's intoxication Thursday night. :P Who knew that Butterscotch martinis were so delicious. I had a couple myself as a splurge. But then pair Tory with Chris Owen...and I could tell right off they were trouble with a capital T. *LOL* I hope you guys had fun at Disney and not kidnapped by some hottie pirates. ;)
Oh, and I met Leigh Ellwood. That woman is my hero with all that she does.
I also found the owners of Torquere Press very entertaining and a joy to be around.
All in all, I learned a lot about the industry. And the writers and others I met and spent some time with were all nice and a pleasure to speak with. I'm not sure I'll be able to attend next year, but I definitely want to attend another RT in the future.
Now I'm off to try and get caught up with all the stuff I blew off last week.

Aaah, eye-candy! He's just as hunky as the Mr. Romance competators.


sylvan said...

i was going to make a comment, but that photo at the bottom of your post.....can't think straight, mind went to the gutter

Anonymous said...

that was part of my evil plan *evil laugh*

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