Thursday, April 16, 2009

Ready to Serve: Arresting Gay Erotica
By: James Buchanan
Published By: Lethe Press
ISBN # 978-1-59021-205-9

In Ready to Serve, acclaimed gay erotica author James Buchanan offers readers six tales of sultry officers, firemen, and the men drawn to those wearing the badge.

"Pat Down" - What happens when two guys who secretly lusted after each other in high school wind up face to face… especially when one has become a cop and the other is, well, a bad boy?"

Speed Trap" - Officer Manley is none to happy about Pete Masters making fun of him and his speed trap until he confronts Pete and gets a whole 'nother type of tease.

"Burn Zone" - After losing his teammates in an out of control brushfire, Smoke Jumper Tyson retreats from the world, but his two roommates force him to face his guilt while affirming the unique bond they share.

"Risk" - While two crime scene cleaners face hazards in their job, they understand, from their love, it's all about learning how to deal with both the physical and the emotional risks.

"Coyote Crossing" - Border Patrol Agent Rick Franco runs back home to Deming to forget his recent past. When he picks up his best friend's little brother on an illegal border crossing raid, however, his past may help him move forward into the future.

"Fairground" - Uptight and driven, Sergeant Don Lo pieces together the strange pattern of thefts at the county fair while fighting his attraction to the maintenance chief, Vito Marzi. Don needs the help of the older, mellower man to teach him to relax, let go of his prejudices and see the bigger picture to solve this riddle.

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