Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Round Robin XVII

Me again? Sorry this is short. My own characters are noisy enough to drown almost everything else out.

Previously. (Do check that out. It's worth a second read. Zoe's scene was hot!)

Cole went into the tiny bathroom and locked the door. Just telling his dick to calm down wasn’t working. He hung onto the sink and took care of himself in a business like fashion ignoring the tentative knocks on the door.

Why did he give a shit about what some random kid thought? What the hell had he been thinking to turn down what had been offered?

His orgasm blotted everything out for a brief, blissful moment, and then his ringing ears picked up Matthew’s voice.

“Look. Thanks and all that. But…the rain stopped and I think it’s better if I just take off.”

Not even bothering to zip up, Cole yanked open the door. “You’re not going anywhere--except to my house. To sleep. That’s all. We clear?”

Matthew gaped at him before nodding. His cocksure, streetwise veneer had cracked, revealing a touch of vulnerability.

Cole was too tired to go digging, even if he might get an honest answer this time.

Matthew respected the shift in Cole’s moods, and they pulled on their still damp shirts in silence. Cole shut off all the lights and set the alarms, pulled down the gate. After opening the back door, he looked at Matthew in the streetlight.

“So everything has a price, right?”

Matthew shrugged.

“Here’s mine. You can sleep at my place and take off tomorrow if that’s what you really want. No charge. But if you want breakfast, you want to do something besides sleep? Then I want some answers.”

Matthew started to say something but Cole held up his hand.

“Right now I don’t want to hear anything but the sound of my own snores.” Cole jerked his chin at his car. “It’s that Dodge, there under the light. “ He started for the car without looking back to see if Matthew was following.


sylvan said...

Hey, and they're back!
Enjoyed as usual, thank you!
I'm liking Cole more and more. :)

K.A. Mitchell said...

Thanks, sylvan. It's good to know we're keeping you interested.

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