Sunday, June 28, 2009

Fangirl squee

Partly because I'm on vacation at the beach, but mostly because two days later I still can't think of anything else :)

Some of y'all know that I'm kind of a massive fan (ha! understatement...) of Patrick Wolf. Friday night, the girl-child and I got to see him play live at Cat's Cradle in Carrboro, NC. Some good friends of mine live there so it was a chance to visit with them as well, which was cool :) We saw Patrick and his boyfriend William walking down the sidewalk (!!!!!), and my friend Jesse actually TALKED TO PATRICK for a long time at Weaver Street Market O_O
That was before my daughter and I arrrived. We heard about it later, from his wife and my other friend that lives there. I swear, I wish I had Jesse's outgoing-ness. He can make friends with anyone!

Anyway, I expected the show would be awesome, since Patrick possesses scary amounts of talent, but OMG. This show surpassed everything I could have dreamed. Patrick worked that crowd like a master. He had us eating out of his hand. Which could have literally happened, since it's a small venue. I love club shows *g* He was like a foot from my face a couple of times. I could have TOUCHED HIM if I had the balls. I did not. But man, I wanted to. He did stare straight into my eyes and smile, though. Yes, I melted into a puddle of Ally-goo. I am sure I looked like a total dork, but I don't even care. A 6'4" man in shorts, suspenders and mid-calf brown leather boots with blue knee socks decorated with fluffy white clouds clearly is not concerned with coolness or the lack thereof. This is what I heart the most about His Wolfness <3

I wish I had the videos Jesse took at the show, since he was in the front row with me and the rest of our group (and is an awesome photographer), but he hasn't uploaded them yet. So, here are a couple of videos taken by some random stranger I don't know who was evidently in the middle of the crowd someplace. The first one is the title song from his new album, "The Bachelor", and the second is when he joined one of the other bands, The Plasticines, on stage for their final number, a really neat tune called "B.I.T.C.H." Enjoy the awesomeness that is Patrick :D

The Bachelor


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