Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Cute boys in love

Last week my TV died a terrible, tragic death. I turned it on as usual and it made a noise that sounded as if the Hellmouth was opening in my living room. After ten seconds of death throes, it was all over. Temporarily TV-less (and I do mean temporarily -- I bought a replacement the next day), I turned to YouTube for mindless entertainment after a long day of work. The long day turned into a late night as I was sucked into the epic love story of John Paul McQueen and Craig Dean of British soap opera Hollyoaks. Two best friends -- one gay, the other...well, it's not so cut and dried.

Thanks to a dedicated fan, the whole story is uploaded here. After days of being glued to my laptop, last night I finished. So satisfying! It starts off as the ages-old tale of a gay boy's unrequited love for his straight BFF. Then a funny thing happens -- the straight guy finds himself falling in love in return. Craig is very confused and absolutely tormented by his feelings, and is torn between his girlfriend, Sarah, and John Paul.

This tale has lots of angst, twists, turns, public outbursts (my favourite kind!), forbidden sex (not explicit, sadly) and most of all, heart. Great chemistry between the actors and I really adored these two boys who are so hopelessly in love with each other despite all the reasons they shouldn't be. If you enjoy a good love story (and a good soap!) with characters who are far from perfect, I recommend it. Their storyline is complete, so it's not a long-term commitment.

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