Monday, June 22, 2009

Round Robin

I hope everyone treated your dad/husband/man in your life special yesterday. As chaotic as my life can be sometimes, I know my husband deserves pampering here and there just for putting up with me. ^-^

Don't ask me which numbered part this is as I suck with roman numerals and lost count, but here's the next segment. Plus, I think I'm coming down with the cold my kids had last week, so I'm lucky to have gotten this done *sigh* Summer colds are worse than the ones in the winter.

Last part here

“Uh, do you realize what you just did? Who he is?”

Cole let out a long breath and nodded. He still couldn’t believe he’d actually gotten Tyler to leave. In about ten minutes this numbness from anger would fade and he’d be hit full force by the ramifications of his actions. “Yeah. Tyler’s parents own half this town. We’ve had this conversation before.”

He locked the door and walked into the kitchen. Cole went straight for the cabinet over the sink and took out a bottle of whiskey. He normally didn’t drink. In fact, this bottle was the one that his brother had left on his last visit. He was glad he’d kept it.

Without a word Cole pour three fingers worth in a crystal tumbler. Matthew had followed him in, but he wasn’t ready to face him just yet. Jesus, had he just offered Matthew a job with him? He didn’t even need help there. But then, he’d also offered the kid to stay with him.

Two gulps and the liquor was gone, burning his throat and heating his gut.


Turning, Cole leveled his gaze on Matthew. Damn, the boy was more temptation than he could handle. The fear etching his face made Cole want to wrap his arms around him and comfort him. Tell him everything was all right. He’d kiss Matthew, touch him, and smooth away that fear and mistrust. He’d show Matthew exactly how tender and pleasurable it could be between them.

The image of Matthew crying out as Cole sucked him off flashed through his mind and made the blood rush to his groin.

No, he couldn’t do this. As much as he desired Matthew, he deserved to be treated right.

“Do you think he’ll tell anyone?”

Matthew chewed on his bottom lip, his hands slipping back into his jean pockets. He adverted his eyes before speaking. “I don’t think so. He was hiding the fact that he was sleeping with me. His parents don’t know he’s into guys more than girls. They also didn’t know about his debt, which was how he could get away with…well, what he did.”

“And if the found out about his preferences? What do you think they’d do?”

Matthew shrugged. “I’m not sure. But I’m sure that his dirty dealings would really give his daddy a bad rap and ruin the possibility of him running for one of those government positions that he’s striving for. I do know that Tyler complained about having to look like a perfect family. But as much as he hated it, he did what his daddy told him. Probably threatened to disown him.”

“That could be useful.” Cole poured himself a swallow more, but didn’t drink it just yet. “So, what do you say about that job?”

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