Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Sometimes It Takes Only A Minute

This'll be short but I felt like sharing. Bout last week, I finally finished something. It was totally out of the blue, not even remotely on my radar. I love it to death. Ask the people on my twitter, I was pulling out lines because I just adored how it was going.

I think I loved it so much because it was the first thing I'd finished since December of last year. I totally hate admitting that but when you're blocked, you're blocked. Anyway, I'm sharing my glee because I'm just that happy about it. Not only because I'm writing again but because I feel like my To-Do list (which is amazingly short) is actually possible.

That story? It came to me randomly and I went with it. Thus the title of my post: it only takes a minute. That's what I love about this job. You can literally be walking down the street, see a dog dodge a car-related death and you suddenly have a story that might include that particular moment in time. I know we gripe a lot as a whole, us writers. Feeling brain dead is probably the highest ranking complaint. In some others, it's having too much at once and the brain just goes "oh what? see ya!".

But in the end, those ideas...oh man, they make it worth it. That's why we push on pass those blocks and write those blogs about how much it drives us nuts to be blocked. Because honestly...those stories, this job in general? Just kicks so much ass.

And this is a totally off the top of my head post but sometimes, you just gotta share the fun parts of being a writer. See ya'll next time!


JenB said...

This new project is twins, yes?


Zoe Nichols said...

*coughs* Uh, well, no...but the twins thing is on my list. I swear, Jen, I swear!

Don't beat me!

*runs to bunker*

Unknown said...

yay for not being blocked any more, and you are so right about the stories, when the finally come, being worth the wait. This job is a pretty sweet deal.

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