Thursday, June 18, 2009

Two New Releases!

This week, I have two new releases to tell you about...

First up, The Next Step -- sequel to Onyx. It's the continuation of Kale and Ian's story, but this one is me solo. Blurb and link to an excerpt is below.

Master Ian Vaughn and his sub Kale Daniels are back for more in this sequel to Onyx

Both men are happy together, playing and living like any other Dom and sub. For Kale, though, it goes much deeper than that. He’s fallen in love with his Master, but he has no idea how Ian feels about him. When Ian books them a private playroom at a new club, Kale is thrilled to find out all his Master has in store. And Ian has a few surprises that Kale never expects to receive.

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The next one is Toy Box: Guiche, from Torquere Press. Stories by Jay Lygon, me, and Lee Benoit. I tell ya... I'm in GREAT company here, y'all!

Ah, the guiche piercing, that tiny, hidden surprise behind a man’s balls. What could be better than three stories that celebrate the guiche? In Reading the River by Jay Lygon, the narrator is working on a boat on the Mississippi. His roommate Billy, or Bear as he privately calls the man, is a tough guy he’s more than a little attracted to. When he and Billy finally get together, one of them has a little surprise for the other.

Mychael Black gives us After the Show, starring drummer Chaz, who’s into body modification. In fact he’s just gotten a new tattoo when he meets Devin. With a fancy car and even fancier apartment, Devin is quite the catch. Will he think the same of Chaz, even after he’s seen what the drummer has hidden away? And finally, Preston and Paulo are back in Bearing Witness by Lee Benoit. When the duo witness the end of a contract between Tasim and Jesse, Paulo begins to worry about his own place with Preston. Will his contract with Preston will eventually go the same way? Preston will need to come up with something special to reassure his lover of his place in Preston’s life. His permanent place.

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