Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

I'd like to take this opportunity to wish all Slash and Burn authors and readers a Happy New Year! Here's hoping we have a terrific 2011, with plenty of hot manlove to keep us warm through 2012.

I am especially excited to have Silver Wings, the first M/M steampunk anth from Phaze Books, ready for release in February. I don't have a story in this book, but I had the responsibility of acquiring and editing all the stories within, and it's my hope M/M readers will love it! You'll get stories from current Phaze authors Mahalia Levey and Cari Z., plus work by Ross Baxter and my friend, JT Whitehall. Phaze has looked for steampunk works for some time, and though we have one or two this is the full all steam collection, and I adore the cover as well. I have to admit, reading and putting together the work was almost as fun as writing one of my own - I may connect with Phaze later in the year for another call, but on a different theme. We'll see. I have so many plans for 2011 that I want to get them all done.

That includes making up for lost time. I've longed to write follow-ups to some of my existing M/M works, including the Jack of... series and a sequel to Taste This and a prequel to The Healing. I'm also several chapters into the next Dareville work, an MMF. I've also resolved to blog more, even if I don't have works out or in progress. I know it's something I need to do, so if you're interested in the (not so) exciting life of an M/M author hope you'll see what I have to say.

Until then, hope you've recovered from your parties. Please check me out on Twitter and Facebook. Happy New Year!

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