Saturday, January 8, 2011

Happy New Year

Welcome to 2011! I'm actually pretty happy to have seen the last of 2010 - it was an exceptionally challenging year and December in particular, was full of pain and heartbreak.

First I was rear-ended on the 2nd (I was stopped at a crosswalk) and trying to recover from the physical and property damages from that in the midst of trying to get ready for Yule with my extended family and especially my youngest son - now 9. Since I'm the primary "elf" for Yule and I was restricted to not driving or shopping for a while, I was stressed out :)

Then I had to put one of my cats to sleep on the 21st - his illness was very sudden and very severe as well as quick progressing. That took pretty much everything I had left and I felt like I was holding on by a thread.

But now it's 2011, I'm allowed to be back at my Evil Day Job full time and can sit at the computer for a while now. I have a new car and not crying every time I think about what happened with Alex. Time to move forward!

I'm spending the first couple of weeks of January organizing my office and my plans for the year. This includes getting my blogging back into a rhythm and doing it ahead of time!

I'm working on an urban fantasy/steampunk called Desert Alchemy at the moment but I have the following list of possibilities for the project after that:
  • In Service (This is the full length sequel to a m/m steampunk I have coming out in February. Think airships, Hawaiian opium dens and hunky men in uniforms).
  • Music of the Heart (This is the first in the m/m celtic rock band series Bran's Visions)
  • Hidden Depths: Secret Graves (This is the first in my m/m sniper/hydro-geologist series)
  • Unnamed Yet (This is the continuation of Bittersweet so I can finish this story)
Thoughts? What have I forgotten? I can't promise I'll do requests first but I want to take them into account when planning my year.


Chris said...

Ack! So sorry to hear about the car accident and about your kitty. :( Here's hoping that 2011 is much, MUCH better.

Maura Anderson said...

Thanks, Chris. It was really hard to deal with Alex's death but I'm definitely hoping for much better for 2011!

Anonymous said...

Huge hugs, Maura! This time last year my gorgeous boy, a 24 lb Norwegian Forest Cat dropped to 11 lbs in less than a month. We were sure we were going to lose him. $1000 later we found out all he needed was periodic vitamin B12 shots, but I spent a good week sleeping with him on my pillow and my hand on his side to make sure he was still breathing.

'Kay, so for requests... Can't wait for the Feb release, so the sequel is a good place to start, lol. And LOVE Celtic rock, so I'll be stalking Music of the Heart, too!

More hugs, and prayers for a PEACEFUL and HEALTHY 2011!


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