Sunday, January 30, 2011

My turn already? Wow, that two weeks sure comes around fast. At this time next Sunday, the hubs and I will be frantically preparing for 50 people to invade our house for a combination Significant Birthday/Superbowl party. Yes, the significant birthday is mine, and no, I won't tell you which significant birthday it is. All I'll say is that it contains a zero. The number alone is enough to make me want to hide, but since I'm going to turn *coughcertainagecough* anyway, might as well party it up with some friends and family.

In writing news, I'm caught up with trying to think of a plot for a story I'm contracted to write for Torquere Press. I've got a title. Is that enough?

Also in writing news, watch for a short story from me sometime in March (along with a co-written novel). Teagan and Cash from Tabula Rasa spoke up and said they wanted me to show a bit of their daily lives, so who am I to refuse rodeo cowboys anything? Here's a little snippet of that:


“What?” Teagan Rafferty had the comical urge to pull the phone away from his ear and stare at it.

“I said I was sorry, Raff.” Cash sighed heavily on the other end of the line. Teagan could picture him running a hand through his blond spikes, making them stand on end even more than usual.

“I know, I just… Christ, Cash. There are two new mares coming in on Tuesday and another three geldings on Wednesday. You said you’d be here to help out.”

Another sigh came down the line. “I know I did.” Cash sounded guilty, for which Teagan was at least a little glad. “But Bucky Draper’s having a bull showing tomorrow, and if I go, you know I’ll get good word-of-mouth on who to watch out for in the finals. I’ll just be one day late. Maybe a day and a half. Come on, don’t be mad.”

Teagan rolled his eyes. ‘Don’t be mad’ was a common phrase out of Cash’s mouth. It mostly worked, too, when Cash was there in person. Mischievous turquoise eyes and a crooked smile went a long way in diffusing Teagan’s anger. But Cash was six hundred miles away from Wyoming tonight, roping steer in Tulsa. ‘Don’t be mad’ wasn’t quite as effective on the phone.

“It’s Monday. You’re seeing the bulls tomorrow?”

“Yeah. I’ll leave first thing Wednesday morning. Or tomorrow night, even.”

“No, God. Don’t drive all night.” Teagan worried when Cash was out on the circuit alone. He made long drives with only the radio in his truck for company and Delilah in the horse trailer behind him. “Wednesday morning’s soon enough. Eight hour drive, so I’ll see you that night?”

“You got it, kiddo.” Cash lowered his voice to the smooth drawl that Teagan was so familiar with. “Be ready for me. It’s been a long week without you.”


Mmm, cowboys. Happy Sunday!


Nikyta said...

Yay!!! Cash and Teagan!!! I'm so happy! Lol

Can't wait!! :D

Tory Temple said...

Thank you! While I was writing, I discovered I really missed them. :)

Anonymous said...

Teagan and Cash... Sigh...

Vj Summers

Tory Temple said...

Thanks, VJ! It was good to revisit the boys. :)

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