Thursday, January 27, 2011

Hot Links

I've been mostly offline lately, and today's blog date kind of sneaked up on me. So when all else fails, hey, post links to other blogs! Though in my defense, these blogs are chock-full of eye candy, manlove, and more, while each has inspired my work at one time or other:

Hot male strippers! Eye candy aside, this blog is also informative on the industry front for both customers and dancers:

Hot illustrated men, many of them from manga and anime:

Hot submissive men! Some femdom, but lovely M/m scenes as well. The focus is primarily on the submissive, not the Dom/me, and in deliciously compromising situations:

Hot alternative boys!

Hot twinkie boys!

And all sorts of hot men doing hot things together:

Yes, the unifying element here is H-O-T, but with plenty of variety. I hope you'll find these blogs as inspirational as I have. Enjoy!

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