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Another Excerpt from Mission: Carnal (released on Thursday!)

Live Action Hero 1- Mission: Carnal
Mary Winter
M/M Urban Fantasy
Publisher: Changeling Press

Adrian turned his passion for action figures into a thriving comic shop, The Fantastic Five. After spending most of his life in the world of super heroes and aliens, he’s not surprised when the action figure he’s repairing comes to life. He’s more surprised by the instant attraction he feels to the man—and the fact that it’s mutual. These guys are supposed to be Real American heroes. But right now, Adrian wants him to be his hero.

Mack’s waited a long time for a reward. He’s come back wounded from a brutal mission, but the Toymaker upstairs promised him a new life and a new mission. When Adrian repairs his broken body, his gentle touch also repairs Mack’s broken heart. Now it’s Mack’s turn to repay Adrian, by teaching him about living your wildest fantasies and making your dreams come true.

The guy was his mission.

Mack knew it in his gut, and as the man pushed a stoneware mug of coffee and a banana across the table, he realized he didn’t know his name. “So what can I call you?” he asked as he wrapped his hands around the mug. Warmth seeped into his palms. He inhaled the rich aroma, and his stomach rumbled.

“Adrian, though you probably know that already.” He poured himself a mug of coffee and sat down. “So talk. How’d you get here?”

Mack sipped his steaming brew. “I’m the toy you repaired.” He stuck out his leg and wiggled his toes. “You put my feet back on. Fixed my body. And poof! I’m here.” He grinned and peeled the banana.

“So you’re saying you used to be an action figure? A toy? You do bear an uncanny resemblance to him. And you sound like that voice I heard.” Adrian pressed his lips closed, and Mack wondered what they’d feel like wrapped around his cock.

“So you heard me?” Pride surged through his body. “Did you feel me, too?” Mack lifted the banana to his mouth. He formed an oval with his lips, then put the end into his mouth. Carefully, he chewed and swallowed, before taking another bite.

“Yeah, I heard you,” Adrian admitted in a rough voice. “So that was you?”

Mack nodded. He polished off the fruit, washing it down with a cup of coffee. That was the first food he’d had in…”Hey, what year is it?”

“Year? 2008.”

“Damn.” Mack gave a low whistle.

“What year did you think it was?” Adrian frowned.

“The last I knew it was 1971, but a lot of time has passed since then. I don’t remember much of it.” Mack raked his fingers through his hair.

“What do you remember? Because according to the date on your -- the figure’s butt, you were made in 1996.” He stood and grabbed the coffee pot, sitting it on a trivet in the middle of the table. “I think we’re going to need more of this.”

Mack nodded. “I was in Vietnam on my second tour. We were pinned down by heavy fire and then nothing. I was shot. Don’t know where or the details, except it killed me. Heaven. Hell. None of that exists. At least not for me. Some kind of purgatory. The Toymaker told me I wasn’t quite good enough for Heaven and not quite bad enough for Hell. So I had a choice. I could come back, or I could stay in limbo. So, he sent me back as an action figure. Then I lost my feet. The Toymaker told me I was special, destined for another mission, and here I am.” He shrugged. “Look, I’m just a soldier. Always have been. Philosophy is not my strong suit. All I know is that I’m here, and apparently you’re my next mission.”

“Really?” Adrian drawled.

Mack rose to his feet. Adrian’s disbelief hurt more than it should have. After all, if their roles had been reversed, he doubted he’d be so trusting. Pushing in the chair, he walked around it. He stood beside Adrian, then dropped to his knees. “Let me show you that I’m the one you heard.” He rested his palm on Adrian’s thigh.

Adrian flinched. Mack noticed Adrian’s erection, tantalizingly close. It pressed against Adrian’s jeans, as erect as it had been last night in the tub. Mack curled his fingers. “Come on. What do you have to lose?”

Turning in his chair, Adrian spread his knees. “What are you going to do, give me a blow job?” His hands reached for the button on his jeans.

“Is that what you want?” Mack struggled to keep his voice even, not to give in to the hunger rearing to life inside him. Behind the buttons of his military trousers, his dick throbbed. His balls hung full and heavy between his legs, his all-too human body rearing to experience sex for the first time in over thirty years.

Mack chuckled.

“What’s so funny?” Adrian asked.

“Sorry. Just realized that I am a very old man.”

Adrian leaned forward and combed his fingers through Mack’s hair. “You don’t look much over thirty to me.”

“Good.” Mack covered Adrian’s hands with his own. “Let me.” He unfastened the button, lowering the zipper on the jeans. Some things hadn’t changed, he thought as he revealed Adrian’s cock. Mack curled his fingers around the shaft. It lay thick in his palm, the head flushed purple. Veins roped the shaft and a drop of fluid leaked from the eye.

Last night he’d held memories in his mind. Today, he held reality in his hand. Curling his fingers around Adrian’s shaft, Mack stroked it from base to tip. The slow caress had Adrian’s breathing deepening. The musky scent of his arousal teased Mack’s senses, and he leaned forward to get a taste.

Adrian groaned as Mack licked the head of his cock. He swirled his tongue over it, then worked his way down the shaft and back up again. Wrapping his lips around its girth, Mack drew the organ into his mouth ever so slowly until he had taken nearly all of Adrian’s length. Mack relaxed his throat muscles and took even more.

Mack braced one hand on the hard muscles of Adrian’s thigh. The other reached between his legs to fondle his balls. Yeah, some things never changed. The springy curls teasing his nose and lips, the taste of a man, and the feel of a hard cock sliding down his throat. Mack moaned as he hollowed his cheeks and sucked.

Adrian cupped the back of Mack’s head. His fingers clenched, working in time with Mack’s long pulls on his dick. Sure, he’d done this last night, or at least had imagined it. However, this time he had the real deal. A thick cock in his mouth, balls filling his hands, and most of all, the promise of reciprocation. Or at least he hoped so.

In the years since his death, he’d all but forgotten the pleasure of wrapping his lips around a thick shaft and sucking. Listening to Adrian’s husky moans made Mack’s cock rock-hard. He longed to reach between his legs and unfasten his trousers. He didn’t. Not until Adrian came. Then, they’d see how far this went.

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