Thursday, March 6, 2008

Older Guys

This is one of those thing in romance fiction of any stripe that doesn't get a lot of press. Most of the men in M/M fiction tend to be young studs. Oh, you can find the ocassional May/December romance, but not easily.

Maybe becasue I'm older (not old mind you...but skidding into middle age) and I and my SG were watching Wild Hogs yesterday and it got me thinking. Laughed my ass off btw, not a great movie, but a fun road trip ride, almost a spoof on the teenage road trip movie. As I'm watching, however, I'm thinking...sheesh, Travolta is certainly hotter now then he was when he did Greese. There are some seriously sexy older men out there. I'm so in line for the new Indiana Jones movie. Why? Harrison Ford.

The slightly worn face, a lot of years on a man's shoulders; I don't know why but that's just sexy to me. Add a litttle silver to the temples and I'm melting.

So, I thought I'd give you a snippet of a piece I'm working on with two older FBI the other LAPD. Meet Chase and Enrique... not quite safe for work.

“Hedonist?” Enrique tossed the t-shirt at the bathroom door. Chase guess it connected through to the office. “You have a problem with that?” He dropped his slacks and Chase licked his lips.
Enrique rolled his shoulders and then removed the red and white choker. His hands up and back like that made everything flex and Chase hissed. Brown skin, just enough muscle to be firm, dark hair fanning out over his pecs, and a tight ass in white shorts: Chase could look at that body for ages. Enrique gently set the choker on the dresser. Again the slight twist and turn set off his body just right.

When Enrique shucked his briefs as well it just got better. A thick, dark prick stuck out half mast from a black nest of curls. There hadn’t been enough light at the club to see the whole package.
Chase wiggled out of his dress shirt and undershirt. Then he shoved his slacks and briefs down in one motion, kicking off his shoes in the process. Business clothes did not make for easy access. He stripped his socks. Laying back, Chase rolled his neck a few times to work out the kinks.
Enrique stood over him, watching, his hand roaming over his prick. Each stroke got it a little harder. “Nice, Chase.” He clambered onto the bed. “What horse you steal that dick off of?”
There was no way he was even half that impressive. “If you’re gonna stroke me,” Chase teased back, “use your hands not words.”

“That, I can do.” Electric kisses burned down Chase’s neck as Enrique’s hand wrapped over his prick. Chase’s hips bucked into the touch. Drifting under the touch, Chase savored the feelings. So different from the casual fucks. Not that it wasn’t a casual fuck, but this had more of the take your time and get to know each other feel. The kisses and the touches melded into a warm buzz running through Chase’s frame.

Chase hissed when Enrique leaned over and licked the throbbing head of his prick. The warm, wet caress bubbled his skin. With a shudder, Chase reached down and grabbed Enrique’s face. “Uhn ah, we’ve been around the block there already.”

“So?” Enrique chuckled. “Not good enough for a repeat?”

“No, it was spectacular. But this old body of mine, well, I’d hate to run out of steam before I got to the main course.”

“You keep talking like you’re seventy or something.”

“It ain’t the years it’s the mileage.” Chase’s fingers danced down Enrique’s chest.

Rolling onto his back, Enrique mumbled, “Definitely wouldn’t want you to run outa steam.” He stretched and smiled. “I was hoping to get a taste of what you got.”


Anonymous said...

That's odd, because every book I read the guys are aged 30-40 and yes being 20 years old, that seems "older" to me :P

I have more problems finding stories about 18-25 year old guys instead. I'm sure that has more to do with, the age of the writers writing their characters as well.


veinglory said...

I am still waiting on a long standign request for recommendation of erotic romance MM where one of the main caharcters is at least 50. So far, not one!

Anonymous said...

I have to say, I think John Travolta was at his sexiest about 10 years ago. Now he just looks puffy or something.

As far as older characters go, I love the 30-40 age range. That seems perfect to me.

Barbara Sheridan said...

*raises hand to get Emily's attention*

Jason Chen in I Do, EC Quickie Anne I did is that age actually he's 49.

veinglory said...

Hmmm. Still ruled out on a technicality ;) Not at least 50.

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