Monday, March 3, 2008

Fantasies, yummy!

I've had my hands full lately trying to complete the second book to my Dragon Riders series, do revisions on two of my novellas that are to be released in a print book, and taking a couple of online courses. All are dealing with my heterosexual stories so I'm feeling a little off not working on any of my gorgeous male on male stories. *drool* Oh, and I turned another year older yesterday. How depressing is that? Laugh
So I thought I'd do a little piece on fantasies. Magic Wand

What is a fantasy? It’s defined as a situation imagined by an individual or group, which does not correspond with reality, but expresses certain desires or aims of its creator. They usually involve situations that are impossible or highly unlikely. Some are even sexual.

As writers we use this to our advantage. Especially the sexual part ;) We use our own fantasies to create stories, situations, and worlds. They also provide inspiration.

I found that in general, the most common fantasies for men and women are:
1-reliving an exciting sexual experience
2-imagining sex with a current partner
3-imagining sex with a different partner

As writers, how often do you delve into your fantasies?
As readers, have you found books that coincide with your personal fantasies?

You don’t have to give details, just something to think about

Not a bad way to start a week, huh? Hello

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