Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

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Here we are again. Another holiday on my blogging day. Guess that's my lot in life *lol* Hope everyone wore their green and didn't get pinched too much :)

I've been busy trying to get my next Dragon Riders book completed so I can go on to my next M/M story. I'm truly having withdrawls :D

Meanwhile, I'm waiting word on one titled Fallen Angels and thought I'd give a little peek at it. Remember, this is unedited, so forgive if I've missed some grammer mistakes.

Adam Hardy’s assignment was clear: Infiltrate the pseudo-biker gang Fallen Angels and bring back the dirt on their big boss, Lucifer.

Nowhere in the mission statement did it tell him to fall for their leader, Mammon.

Marc, aka Mammon, thought that a quick dip would sate the lust he held for the newest Fallen Angel. After all, Adam would never be his now that Lucifer has taken an interest in the pretty-boy.

Who knew sex and the unexpected bond of trust would bring the two men together as they try to take Lucifer down and out of their lives forever. Can the two survive all the obstacles thrown at them or will Lucifer make their lives a true hell?

Unedited excerpt:
“Mammon?” Adam’s voice was thick with sleep.

“Marc.” Okay, I’m really losing it now. Where in hell had that come from?

Adam lifted his head, brows drawn together with confusion. “Huh?”

I swallowed hard, my throat trying to constrict. Only two people knew my real name. Adam would make three. Despite the devil on my right shoulder poking me with his pitchfork and cursing at my stupidity, I wanted this man to know my real name. I don’t know why, but I wanted to hear Adam say my name.

“Marc. My name is Marc.” Adam sat up, his gaze locked to my face. He still looked bewildered. I chuckled. “You don’t think my parents actually named me Mammon, do you?” It felt strange having after sex discussions. I usually took off right after the act, feeling restless and unsatisfied. It was refreshing not to feel that way with Adam.

“Uh, no. I mean, it just gave me a shock.” His cheeks darkened with a flush.

I smiled, really enjoying flustering him. From my observations and reports from the others, Adam was standoffish from the others, almost shy unless his mind was ticking away on a plan. And what he had shown the small group was that he could be a real hard ass at times. No one knew much about him as he rarely talked about himself. Besides what my background checks produced and what I’d observed of him, his history was a mystery. Perhaps that’s what intrigued me about him. His conflicting personality. Even now, after witnessing the passion buried deep under that stone cold, all-business character. He was a puzzle I wanted to solve. My problem was that I had only a day to do so.

I guess that’s why I decided to hit on him and try to sate this lustful ache I’ve had for him since I first laid eyes on him. But I don’t think it worked as I’d planned. Now, I just wanted more of him.

I shrugged, my smile fading. “I’m trusting you not to tell anyone else. It’s our secret.”

Adam nodded.

“And if I hear the slightest whisper, I’ll know where it came from.” I surprised him, pinning his hands to the bed, my body rolling on top of his. “Trust me when I say that you never want to screw with me.” My eyes narrowed on him, my expression grim. Intimidation was always one of my better traits. I’d learned from a master.

His brow raised and the corner of his lips twitched as if suppressing a smile. “I don’t know, Marc.” My stomach flipped and I had to hold back the pleasant sigh at hearing my name fall from his lips. “Screwing with you has so far been quite invigorating.” He smiled and my lungs emptied of oxygen.

That was it. I couldn’t hold up my threatening fa├žade after that. My cock had rejuvenated with him just saying my name. What this man did to me was amazing. A once in a lifetime find.

“Invigorating, you say? Maybe stimulating is a better word?” I pressed my hips down and shoved upward, showing him just how he affected me.

Adam gasped. “Greedy man. Wanting more and more,” he said, but there was laughter in his voice, his eyes shining.

“Mammon is the name for the fallen angel of greed.” I dipped my head and nipped at his bottom lip.

“No complaints here.” Adam’s arm wrapped around my back, his fingers digging into my ass cheeks, pulling me closer.

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