Saturday, March 8, 2008

The Boys go Traveling

So, what's the one thing you're supposed to pack when you take a trip?


Nope, not that. Guess again....

Okay, give up? Your GI JOES!!!!!

For me, I'm taking Sawyer, Dean, and Hugh on a trip down to Missouri. They're going to visit my land (alas, I forgot their little GI Joe tent, LOL!!!!) and try to cheer Hugh up because it'll be a couple more weeks before I can start his story. He's so impatient. He wants his man now!

I'll have pics on my Operation:Write blog and I know Jade has updated our "coming out" party.

So look for pictures coming soon...

And I better get back to writing... Hugh is cracking the whip. *wink*

1 comment:

Maura Anderson said...

Jade's GI Joes came to Epicon and we had a great time with them. It's really hard for anyone to resist posing the Joes.

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