Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Working Man series by J.M. Snyder

For a little break from the round robin, I'd like to tell you about my monthly e-book series, Working Man, published by Aspen Mountain Press.

One short story is released every month, and they're stand-alone stories about gay men who find love and lust in the workplace. The stories range from sweet flirting to hot sex, and can be read in any order. There will be a total of 16 stories in the series when all is said and done.

The following seven titles are currently available:
  • Opening Day at the County Fair ~ Jesse's dreading the annual county fair, until he sees a new face among the regular vendors. Davis is a contractor's son, and he's interested in learning more about Jesse. If they can just ditch Jesse's little sister, they might get to know each other a little better.
  • Summer Kisses and Ice Cream Dreams ~ Sean works at an ice cream shoppe on the boardwalk. When he meets Andrew, it's love at first sight, but he doesn't dare make a move, not with Andrew's girlfriend right there. So why does she give Sean Andrew's number?
  • Easily Addicted ~ Trevor runs into a sexy co-worker named Zack while taking a much needed smoke break. Then Zack invites Trevor to his office after hours and the sparks fly when they get a moment alone.
  • Makin' Copies ~ Johnson thought photocopying his butt at the office Christmas party would be a cheap laugh. Trouble is, he forgot to take the copies off the copier, and they wind up on his boss's desk Monday morning.
  • Pleasure Cruise ~ Andy agrees to take a cruise with his college buddies, but when they can't score with the ladies, they make sure he doesn't score with the hot waiter Carlos, either. But Carlos gives Andy a second chance.
  • On the Job ~ Cable technician Charles doesn't do new installs, but an irate customer demands service now. When Charles meets the sexy Billy Jackson, he's more than happy to hook the guy up.
  • Car Trouble ~ Terrence takes his Mercedes to a local auto shop recommended by his secretary. What begins as a bad day improves when he meets the mechanic, and soon it's not just his car being serviced.
Another 9 stories are scheduled to be released, one a month for the rest of 2008. If you like short, quick romantic and erotic reads, why not check these out?

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