Monday, March 31, 2008

Round Robin Part VII

This isn't much, but I've had a fever most of the morning, waiting for the medication for my sinus/ear infection to take effect *sigh* Gotta say that the cough syrup is good ;)

Last part HERE

The security guard posted at the door was still there. The man looked bored. Sam couldn’t blame him, it was late. Still, Sam felt as if something was off.

“Has my patient had any visitors?” he asked, hand on the door.

“No, Dr. Wexford. It’s been quiet. Who is the man? I mean, are you expecting trouble?”

Sam gave a sigh. “I hope not. Just keep an eye out.”

“Yes, sir.”

Sam pushed open the door and walked in. All seemed quiet, just as the guard said. Too quiet. He slowly approached Blake’s bedside. He smelt nothing, heard nothing, but there was a tingle in the air. That elder vampire had been here since he last left Blake. Not good.

Reaching out, he touched Blake’s forehead. “What does he want from you? Why were you looking for me?”

Blake’s eyes snapped open causing Sam to gasp.

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Rue said...

Hope you feel better soon, Marty.

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