Sunday, March 9, 2008

Manlove sweeps the Eppies!

Okay, so maybe that's overstating it a bit *g*
Two of my very favorite manlove authors (women I am proud to call friends) won their categories in the Eppies last night, and I am so happy and proud I could bust!

Jet Mykles won the Erotic Fantasy/Paranormal Romance category with Rated X-Mas: Spiritual Noelle. It's a menage, but does contain some HAWT m/m action :D
Laura Baumbach won the GLBT category with The Lost Temple of Karttikeya, which is the nail-biting final book in Loose Id's multi-author Collector series.

Big congrats, girls, y'all ROCK!
**throws confetti**
Congrats to all the other Eppie winners and finalists as well :D
Did I miss any other manlove winners?

Jet's already been poking me to enter something for the next Eppies. I'm thinking Untamed Heart...


Maura Anderson said...

Congratulations to Jet and Laura!!!

I'm going to pester you, too, Ally.

- Maura

Ally Blue said...

Oh yeah, EVERYBODY poke me!


okay that didn't come out right...

Maura Anderson said...

Wow - talk about an INVITATION!!!

Ally Blue said...

I know, the manwhores have berated me for being an attention slut.

Anonymous said...

LOL -Ally! ;)

Big Congrats to Jet & Laura --a big step for manlove authors EVERYWHERE, IMHO! :)

S )O(

Ally Blue said...

Hi Sabrina!
I used one of your pens yesterday to write a card to my sister :D

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