Saturday, August 30, 2008

Dragon My Ass to Atlanta this weekend...

By the time you get this, I'll be at my first Dragon*Con. I won't be a special guest, nor will I be attached to any vendors, this time I am in pure observation mode. Can't wait to see the spectable of Borg costumes and Hobbits and whatever is in season for the well-traveled sci-fi/fantasy fan. I've wanted to go to this for some time - when I lived in Atlanta I never got over there, and now I'm driving ten hours out of my way for it, and bringing a three year old!

This trip is purely for recon. I'm hoping to set up a vendor booth next year to showcase Phaze and Mundania SFF titles - as you know we have some very talented authors in the genre, particularly in the M/M side. I would love to showcase Mychael and Shayne's Dark Needs, Kitten and The Duke's Husband, L.E. Bryce's Dead to the World, Twice Born, My Sun and Stars, and The Water Lovers of Sirilon, and James Buchanan's Lord Carabas.

What else? Oh, Jade Falconer's Morningstar and Bridget Midway's bi-M Original Sin. And the eBooks, too: my own Jack of Hearts and Jack of Diamonds, and other great titles by Gregory L. Norris, Michelle Houston, and many others. So many to name!

Of course, we have a number of het and F/F SFF titles to show off, too, as well as some yaoi. It's still a goal of mine at Phaze to get at least one yaoi print title out there. Maybe next year.

Other news? I signed a contract with Loose ID for a rerelease of two shorts to be put together in omnibus format. Exitable Gals features a bi-MMF alternate universe story and het werewolf short. I'm excited to be with another great company and look forward to sending them my next M/M work, to be titled Long Awaited Friend, when it is done.

Have a great holiday weekend!


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