Sunday, August 17, 2008

I love sports.

Everyone knows by now the phenomenon that is Michael Phelps. If you're really swimmer-savvy, you also know his BFF Ryan Lochte. Here is a visual aid:

I love how much they clearly adore each other. To honor the Phelps/Lochte friendship, here is a picture of the German beach volleyball team, also clearly adoring each other:

And just because I have saved this picture for years, please feast your eyes upon this show of affection from the 2004 Summer Olympics:

You're welcome.


Keira Andrews said...

That last picture wins the gold!

Amanda Young said...

Oh, my... very nice.

JenB said...

Oh, yum. Very pretty.

If I were an author, I think I'd have some plot bunnies hopping around after looking at those.

I love that volleyball pic. So cute.

Tory Temple said...

LOL, Keira. My thoughts exactly. It has a special place on my hard drive!

Tory Temple said...

No problem, Amanda. ;)

And Jen-- YES! God, the swimming one especially, but all of them conjure up great things in my brain. :D

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