Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Swifter, higher, stronger

I've already written one book about pro tennis players, and the Olympics is providing me with not only eye candy, but ample inspiration for other sports-based stories. Not that I have time right now for writing anything until I finish the novel sequel to Eight Nights, but both the men's swimming and synchronized diving are inspiring multiple plot bunnies. Oh, to be able to quit my job and write full time!

In the meantime, please enjoy these boys of summer. *g*


JenB said...

A sequel to Eight Nights, really? That's fantastic! Eight Nights is still one of my favorite m/m novellas. I think it may have been one of my very first Loose Id purchases, too.

Oooh, I can't wait! :)

Keira Andrews said...

Thank you, Jen! That's so nice to hear. :D It's coming out this December.

JenB said...

December, how appropriate. Cute! I really can't wait. I love those boys. :)

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